NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v5.1.2 Release Notes (7 September 2022)

General Scoring

  • Added ability to not calculate/display Batter’s minutes, when it is known these will be incorrect (e.g., editing post-match or scorecard only entry), via a new Scoring -> Innings Times -> Hide Innings Times from display in Scorecards (#3624)


Stats Wizards

  • Ensured that only the term “Batter” is used throughout the Sportscode XML export (#10480)


Match Centre/Portal

  • Updated the display of the time zone on Fixtures, to show “Ground” instead of “Local”, removed the space before the am/pm indicator, and placed the time zone ahead of the start time (#10779)
  • Fixed issue where Fixtures scheduled to start at 12:00am in the viewer’s time zone would not show any start time, even though the local start time was present on the Fixture in web-admin (#10623)


Competition Centre

  • Added an "Avg Points" column to the Points Tables for Competitions that are calculated/ordered by Average Points, and similarly a “Bonus Points” column for Competitions that are calculated/ordered by Bonus Points (#8569)
  • Added a ‘data is loading’ indicator/spinner when opening slow loading tabs, e.g., Teams, Stats, and Video, to give the user a visual sign that the widget is doing something/the data is loading (#9075)



  • Added a new “Continuous Capture Auto Repair” (enabled by default) function to insert frames into a Continuous file if it is shorter than expected because of dropped frames during capture, or conversely remove frames if it is longer than expected (which can occur if there are audio sync issues), to ensure that Continuous files do not shorten after capture is ended and that all ball clips’ first frame is within 15 frames of the Continuous file at the same point (#10374)
  • Added the Health Report for the current period to the Live Video Statistics panel for easier access and reading, as it was previously in Help -> View Log (#10535)
  • Fixed issue where the Video Player would only play the first ball in a sequence filtered from Multi-Match Stats Wizard, owing to a Vision AI licencing mismatch (#10605)
  • Fixed issue where NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer would crash if Continuous capture, with Auto Capture enabled, is stopped and restarted quickly (#10282)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the Start Ball Clip button is active but doesn’t work when trying to capture a missed ball from the Continuous video in playback/Edit mode (#10565)


Pitchside Analytics

  • Fixed issue where the random ordering of Fielder player/positions, so there was a difference between the local and server versions of the match, would cause the Compare with Server/Signoff process to fail (#10512)
  • Fixed issue where fielding data would be lost if the Desktop client was returned to the previous innings, as connection lost and not refreshed when returning to the current innings (#10519)
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