NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer 5.1.4 Release Notes (13 October 2022)

General Scoring

  • Added Duckworth-Lewis-Stern v5.0 (2022) as a selectable option, pending ICC confirmation of when this will come into effect, but matches will default to DLS 4.0 (2020) in the meantime (#10857)
  • Updated the Scoring -> Match Details/Teams dialog and Statistics -> Match Scorecard and Team Sheet from ‘Twelfth Man’ to ‘Twelfth Player’ (#10661)
  • Changed the initial Power Play default length from 6 to 4 overs for Australia competitions, e.g., W/BBL, T20 Max, and Super Slam, and applied the shortened match table to automatically reduce this 4 over length (#10937)
  • Removed the Prevent Batters Crossed checkbox from Match Type due to Law change preventing this in all cricket and disabled the Batters Crossed checkbox on the Wicket dialog for matches dated post-1 October 2022 (#10548)
  • Fixed issue where some .csv exports from Tools -> Edit Database were not working, especially the Match Type export, if there was any local only (non-server) data in the database (#10697 and #10698)
  • Fixed issue where the new striker was calculated incorrectly after a 1 on the last ball of an over and then a double retirement (#10304)
  • Fixed issue where the No Ball and Wide values in the last over of an innings, when these were different from their values in the rest of the match, were not applied if the match was shortened (#1357)


Pairs, Junior, and Last Man Stands Cricket

  • Added support for Pairs Cricket, various Junior Cricket scenarios, and Last Man Stands via the required Match Type and UI changes (#530 and #591),
  • Includes batters being able to be dismissed multiple times, e.g., during grace period, with penalties, etc (#10555) and support for Maximum Balls Per Over, but unlimited in last over, additional penalty if maximum reached, etc (#10550)
  • Also includes support for changing strike after a “non” dismissal, as non-striker faces the next ball (#10590) and support for counting No Balls and/or Wides as a ball faced if this is the competition rule (#10549)


Replay Screen/Scoreboard

  • Added a new CurrentOverBallByBallLongerWides XML field (#921) to display wides as “Wd” rather than “W” (to distinguish from Wickets for some users) and corrected a “Parnership” typo in one of the fields in three templates (#10753)
  • Tidied a layout issue on the Main slide on a 13:9 screen, by dropping the “RR” label and value in the second innings, so that only the “REQ” label and value is shown, meaning the text of latter doesn’t bleed over the right-hand edge (#7697)
  • Removed the auto-capitalisation of “Mc” and “Mac” when it’s applied to the second surname in a double-barrel surname, so that e.g., “FRASER-McGURK” is shown instead of “FRASER-MCGURK”, as per single surnames (#9194)
  • Fixed issue where the DLS slide would show the end of innings Par Score for the 6th ball of each over, rather than the Par Score for that over.ball, due to the use of DLS Standard in club matches, hence not previously reported (#10098)



  • Enabled the Video -> Collaborative Capture feature so that Video Analysts can use the Live Scorer’s Ball Time Stamps to create ball clips on the Video Timeline with Continuous capture ON (#10962)
  • Improved the cancel video encoding process, which will now cancel the current ball when this is clicked (previously this completed first) and the sync queue will now ignore the stuck encoding step and move onto the next one (#10663)
  • Re-enabled the Tools -> Configuration -> Clipping -> Enable Overlay Graphics on Web Clips checkbox to add Overlay Graphics to all web clips for Match Centre highlights (#5565), added detection for when ball clips should be reencoded to update the attached overlays, e.g., a ball’s scoring data has been edited (#10929), and updated the Upload Video process to include unencoded clips when this checkbox is enabled (#10932)
  • Added the ability to re-encode all Match, Day, Innings, or Last Session web clips, by enabling/disabling the above Enable Overlay Graphics on Video Highlights checkbox, or via Ball by Ball -> right-click on a ball menu (#10820)
  • Added Free Space warning prompts when Continuous capture is running and the available space becomes less than 10Gb, 5Gb, and 1Gb, as well as improvements to the Import Video free space available/size of file dialogs (#10469)
  • Added a Tools -> Configuration -> Video Capture -> Advanced Video Settings -> Enable debug video logging (requires restart) checkbox for when NV Play requires additional logs from the third-party Media Components (#10526)



  • Added Multi-Capture support via an updated Tools -> Configuration -> Video Capture -> Multi-Cam Video Settings dialog box for configuring up to four camera names, including a free-text Label, Pitch End, Capture (Continuous and Ball Clips), and Instant Replays (for live streaming) options for all cameras, plus the existing Auto Switch Ends setting and a new setting to save the switched video feed’s Continuous capture and Ball Clips (#10712 and #10887)
  • Updated the Video Player playback window, with thumbnails of all available multi-capture angles displayed, which can be clicked to play that angle, and all existing single-clip playback functionality retained (#10656)
  • Added the ability to upload multiple ball clips (but only one encoded/web clip for Match Centre and Match Portal) for the same ball and multiple Continuous videos for the same period of play (#10470)


Live Streaming

  • Disabled the Add Team Logo function when a user is not logged-in, as this didn’t work anyway as NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer attempts to store any locally added logos on the server, but can’t when the user isn’t logged-in (#9718)


Web Admin

  • Updated the Match details page to display the uploaded multi-capture ball clips in an appropriate way, i.e., removed folder name & file extension, included the input label, and ordered by the primary feed then input order (#10874)
  • Added support for multiple shirt numbers per Player by Team, by editing the Shirt Number displayed alongside the Player name under Team -> Current Squad, which will not update the main Player record, but sync down to NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer (#10927)



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