NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer 5.2.0 Release Notes (28 October 2022)

General Scoring

  • Added a View -> Scorecard Data -> Linear Sheet panel to display a linear scoresheet and included this in appropriate default layouts next to Scorecard, but Linear Sheet is disabled for performance reasons when capturing video (#201)
  • Fixed issue where Score Summary on a Reader would show no score for the second innings and the Match Centre/Portal would show no data at all after the Record Toss details were edited to change the bat/bowl decision (#10471)


Replay Screen/Scoreboard

  • Added four new scoreboard XML fields (CurrentPartnership_Batter1PartnershipFours, _Batter1PartnershipSixes, _Batter2PartnershipFours, and _Batter2PartnershipSixes) and updated the livedata-fields.template file (#11175)


Live Streaming

  • Fixed issue where a video highlights package would display two not out batters on the batting card overlay if the innings had ended with a wicket (#8842)


Video Highlights/Package Manager

  • Added Speed Radar data, if it exists, to the score overlay for all balls in highlights packages (and web clips), which will display for the entire duration of each clip when available (#10951)
  • Updated score overlays to include the number and type of runs for non-highlight ball clips (#10997)
  • Unhid the Use unencoded video only checkbox in the Generate Highlights Package dialog, now that NZC needs to upload clean unencoded clips for high performance purposes, so these can be used in highlights packages (#11062)
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