NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer 6.0.0 Release Notes (17 November 2022)

General Scoring

  • Included Add Player to Team and Show Earlier Batters (instead of the Can Return Match Type setting) links in various dialogs and dropdowns, e.g., Confirm Batter, Striker, Bowler (#10573)
  • Removed the erroneous “&amp” that was displaying between Team innings scores in the File -> Restore Match Version dialog (#10793)
  • Fixed issue where Standard scoring with Auto End Ball OFF would incorrectly detect 4 Byes/Leg Byes as a boundary, and trigger a live streaming replay and video highlight (#8408)
  • Fixed issue where PCS Pro would crash when adding a Play-Cricket Player to a Match/Team who is linked to a different club than either of the two Teams in the match (#10553)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes after an update the login dialog had the Windows focus, meaning Install Now or Download Only were not clickable, and user had to login first (#11205)


Replay Screen/Scoreboard

  • Fixed issue where either no or an incorrect bowler was displayed/output when two players with the same first initial and surname were in the same team (#10658)
  • Fixed issue where clicking New Ball Taken or Replacement Ball incorrectly added a dot ball to the Scoreboard XML output, which was then overridden by scoring the next ball (#10965)


Stats Wizards

  • Added an information message, when hovering over Export Data in the Multi-Match Stats Wizard, that not all columns can be included in this export for performance reasons (#10657)



  • Ensured that Video Capture -> Generate Sportscode XML for Continuously Captured Video is only shown in appropriate customer versions to avoid confusion in other versions (#10799)
  • Fixed issue where video clips would playback at double-speed when there were no external audio output devices installed (#10634)
  • Fixed issue where some the Video Timeline on some ball clips would jump back-and-forth a little when scrubbing clips (#11223)



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