NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer 6.1.1 Release Notes (8 December 2022)

General Scoring

  • For Windows 7 and 8 users, updated the login prompt with messaging that Pro Cricket Scorer will no longer be supported on these operating systems from the next release, hence the need to upgrade to Windows 10 or above (#11447)
  • Fixed issue where removing a 2nd or 4th innings after it’s been started when the match ends with no further play would calculate an incorrect Match Result and thus award wrong points (#10281 and #10443)
  • Fixed issue where an incorrect Match Result would be calculated in Play-Cricket ‘Single Innings Declaration’ matches, i.e., an outright win instead of a draw (#10627)
  • Fixed issue where the Scorecard bowling analysis had reverted to Runs per Ball (R/B) for Standard matches rather than Economy (E/R), following Pairs/Junior Cricket work (#11472)


Match/Competition Centres

  • Added link to the Competition Centre from a Match Centre page (#11284)
  • Changed the Points tab to Table to improve clarity of its content (#11282)


Match Portal

  • After clicking on a ball clip in Ball by Ball, the user will now be returned to the same part of the page of that ball, instead of to the top of the page as previously (#11537)



  • Updated the third-party Media Components, for video encoding and decoding within NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/Play-Cricket Scorer Pro, to v2.7.1 (#11384)



  • Updated the Multi-Capture Device Settings dialog from Pitch End to Fixed Pitch End for end-on cameras and added messaging re needing two cameras set for the Auto-Switch Ends function (#10813)


Vision AI

  • On the Tools -> Configuration -> Vision AI dialog, added messaging re support or not on the detected graphics hardware, with further information provided via a tool-tip (#10619)
  • Changed the Vision AI coded data colour from aqua blue to a light pink to for better contrast against other buttons, and the yellow used for manually coded data (#10942)


Web Admin

  • When merging duplicate Players, added Date of Birth, Teams (two only, then … if more), and Gender columns to the Actual Player Selection table, to assist the identification of the correct Player to merge into (#11339)
  • The Date of Birth, Payroll ID, and Middle Name fields on a Player being merged will now be added to the Actual Player if it does not have this information, and retained if the Actual Player has this information but the merged Player doesn’t (#11340)
  • Fixed issue where exporting All Users to a CSV file would sometimes fail due to Null Reference exceptions (#10567)
  • Fixed issue where the Matches date filter was out-by-one when filtering to a date range, and thus excluded matches that should have been included in the search (#11338)
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