NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer 6.2.0 Release Notes (9 January 2023)

General Scoring

  • Changed Previous Batters in the Striker/Non-Striker dropdowns to display in grey, for consistency with the Wicket dialog dropdown and to distinguish them from current/yet-to-bat batters (#11464)
  • Improved the Striker/Non-Striker dropdowns by reverting these to current/yet-to-bat batters only if Show Earlier Batters is clicked but the user does not make a selection or on re-opening (#11465)
  • Fixed ‘data bleed’ issues where NV Play/professional entities could be selected in Play-Cricket matches, local entities could become Play-Cricket data for other users, and similar rare paths
  • Fixed issue in Standard Scoring mode where clicking an Extras button was no longer highlighting the button in yellow, although scoring would occur correctly as normal (#11680)


Stats Wizards

  • Fixed issue where selecting the Before/After Event and Include Ball Event options would sometimes not include balls in the Play Video list, CSV export, etc, that should have been (#11348)


Match/Competition Centres

  • Added the time and over.ball number, in parentheses, of a manual Innings Note for consistency with automatic Innings Notes (#11360)



  • Changed the Use Low Delay Buffer default to OFF for IP Cameras, Network Streams, and Remote Video to increase the video buffer allowing for greater stability on sub-optimal networks (#11805)
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