NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer 6.3.0 Release Notes (1 February 2023)

Live Streaming

  • Implemented new score overlay designs as per existing functionality, but with a change to use scoreboard names (Short Name), combined Ball by Ball into the Main overlay, and added a Power Play indicator (#11702)


.NET 6 Upgrade

  • Updated NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer to work on Microsoft’s new .NET 6 operating framework, a significant technical upgrade for general performance improvements (#11366)
  • Updated the NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer installer for .NET 6, which also removes support for installing the application on Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines, as Windows 8.1 is the minimum (#11849)
  • Updated the Chromecast Library on .NET 6 to help with rare Main Scoreboard -> Google Cast connectivity issues previously reported by a few users (#10473)
  • Updated Direct Reader connections so that this works over WiFi connections if wired ethernet is not available (#2668)
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