Vision AI Assistant (February 2023)

The Vision AI Assistant role is designed to support the analyst function by providing accurate and reliable automatic coding on supported data detections for every unencoded ball clip received from the Video Analyst. All automatically coded data will be instantly shared to all connected users.


The Vision AI Assistant should be run on a separate machine with the required hardware to support Vision AI (see requires a Video Analyst to upload unencoded ball clips to run. 


On a separate, Vision AI dedicated machine, login to NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/Play-Cricket Scorer Pro and go to either File -> Open Match or File -> Start Match from Fixture (see below), select the required Match/Fixture, and open it as Vision AI Assistant



Opening a Match or Fixture as a Vision AI Assistant

A Fixture that has already been started by a Live Scorer and is now a Match on the server can be opened in the Vision AI Assistant role via the normal File -> Open Match function, and selecting the new option from the dropdown:




Alternatively, if the Vision AI Assistant machine is setup before the Fixture has been started by the Live Scorer, and it will not be operated when it is, the Fixture can now be opened via the File -> Start Match from Fixture function:






NB: If a Vision AI Assistant connects to a match when the Video Analyst does not have Tools -> Configuration -> Clipping -> Live Video Upload -> Upload Unencoded Video, the Video Analyst will receive a prompt to enable this upload.


In both cases, the Fixture will open to the selected layout and in the Waiting for Match start status:




The Vision AI Assistant will wait until the match has been started by the Live Scorer and the Video Analyst has started uploading unencoded ball clips.


When play begins the Video Analyst’s unencoded ball clips are received via Live Download, the Vision AI detections will be automatically added to the ball clips as they are downloaded. The Vision AI detections will highlight the relevant coding buttons in magenta. The Ball by Ball -> Vision AI column will include a tick for all balls with Vision AI data attached, in black if there is high confidence in the accuracy of all coded data but in red if there is low confidence in the accuracy of any coded data. All Vision AI coded data is displayed in a tooltip when hovering over the tick, with any Low Confidence showing next to any data points as appropriate, e.g.:




In the case of Low Confidence detections, we recommend that such ball clips are reviewed on the Video Analyst machine and edited if needed, which can either be done manually in the usual Edit mode (useful for one or a few ball clips) or using the Video -> Vision AI -> Run Match Audit tool (useful for more than a few ball clips)



Vision AI Assistant Modes

On the Video Analyst’s machine, an “AI” icon will show at the right-hand end of the Status Bar, in green when a Vision AI Assistant is connected and in orange if they have become disconnected. When hovering over this icon, a tooltip will appear showing the Vision AI Assistant Connected/Disconnected and the number of Processed and Unprocessed clips. This data is also available in the View -> Video -> Live Video Statistics panel. The Video Analyst will also receive a warning prompt when, e.g., using Delete Ball on a ball that has already been processed by the Vision AI Assistant:




Finally, as in other roles, Vision AI overlay graphics can be displayed on ball clips in the Video Player when played back and in any Video Package Manager highlights when in the Vision AI Assistant role.



Final Points

As above, in Collaborative Scoring Priorities the Pitch Map, Ball Arrival, Events, and Bowler/Keeper Events dropdowns will now show the Vision AI Assistant role as a possible source of this data, which they will automatically default to once the first ball clip is processed by Vision AI. This can be manually changed by a user, as usual, if they are wanting to ignore the Vision AI detections and code these manually, i.e.:




If the Vision AI coding needs to be applied post-match (or to a match that has commenced without Vision AI enabled or to process ball clips with missing data), please see this document:


Please note that in this role:

  • Scoring -> Auto Score from Live Scorer (Preview) is enabled by default and cannot be disabled
  • Tools -> Configuration -> Clipping -> Live Video Download -> Download Unencoded Video is enabled by default (Download Web Video is optional), so if any unencoded ball clips have already been uploaded these will automatically begin downloading
  • Live -> Collaborative Scoring Priorities will update to include the Vision AI Assistant as a possible source for Pitch Map, Ball Arrival, Events, and Bowler/Keeper Events data
  • Video -> Capture/Edit Video, Auto Capture, Collaborative Capture, Vision AI Capture, Live Upload, and Upload Video Now are all disabled by default and cannot be enabled
  • Many other functions will be disabled or available for viewing only, as the Vision AI Assistant role is to process Vision AI on all unencoded ball clips and share coding data among the connected users


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