NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v6.5.0 Release Notes (3 March 2023)

General Scoring

  • Added the two new Penalty Runs, Laws 27.4 (Movement of Wicketkeeper) and 28.6 (Movement of Fielder), which will default to Illegal Ball but can be changed to Legal Ball if a No Ball or Wide (#11804)
  • Added a 0s column to the Scorecard -> Batter section for 4-innings Match Types, for consistency with the Match Scorecard and 2-innings Match Types (#11361)
  • The Batting Order dialog will now show shirt numbers if the Show shirt numbers in Striker and Bowler drop-downs configuration option is enabled, and these are available (#11362)
  • Fixed issue where some Reader roles were able to create and upload new entities (#10569)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the Toss details would not display in Score Summary panel (#11784)
  • Fixed issue where changing the Grid Size on some panels, e.g. Shot Type, would result in ‘ghost text’ from the button previously in that position when hovering over buttons (#12161)


Collaborative Scoring

  • Added automatic End of Over score checks to the end of an innings (#11358), when a break occurs part-way through an over (#8575), and when an over is manually ended (#7696)


Stats Wizards

  • Fixed issue where data would be incorrectly merged for two players with the same ‘Actual Name’, and added a tooltip showing the teams each has played for to assist identification/analysis (#12100)


Replay Screen/Scoreboard

  • Added a new Limited Over Main slide to always show all bowler’s (by shirt number) number of overs, as per ECB regulations, as well as a corresponding Limited Over Main+Events slide (#11406)



  • Updated the third-party Media Components to v2.7.2 (#12143), with several improvements, including:
    • Fixed issue where the External Audio Delay setting was not being applied (#10521)
    • Fixed issue where Media Components encoder file close events were not firing correctly, potentially impacting Continuous capture ball timing (#11918)
  • Added a new Advanced Video Settings -> Enable Network Stabilisation Thread checkbox, enabled by default, but can be disabled if users experience jumpy video or No Signal on good networks (#12153)
  • Fixed issue where Escape/Undo/Delete while a ball video was still being recorded would result in a duplicate ball video (#11372)
  • Fixed issue where the number of web clips to be re-encoded at the end of an innings would jump to the number of balls in that innings, due to unrequired WASP calculations (#11505)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the Upload Count was adding a ball clip request rather than updating an existing request, causing discrepancies with the Upload Video Now dialog (#12172)


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