NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer 6.6.0 Release Notes (27 March 2023)

General Scoring

  • Added support for calculating First Innings Batting and Bowling Bonus Points when the Over Level value is not set (#11471)
  • Added a new demo match (England vs Australia 2005) in new installs only for trial/practice/testing purposes as Local Scorer only, so it and its data cannot be uploaded as Live Scorer, etc (#6421)
    • NB: Existing users who want this match can request the .cri file from enquiries@nvplay.com
  • Improved the Server Changes (sync with server) error messaging by including the possible cause, as well as button options to attempt to resolve, and Report an Issue if required (#10679)
  • Fixed issue where a Play-Cricket two-innings match was reduced before play begins, the Revised Overs were not displayed in the Match Centre score total (#8642)
  • Fixed issue where the Power Play 3 -> End Over value does not automatically update if a match is shortened after Power Play 3 has started (#11541)
  • Fixed issue on DLS Standard where Penalty Runs awarded to a team who has already batted was not updating the Revised Overs/Target/DLS Target dialog or DLS Par Table (#11675)
  • Fixed issue where a Timed-Out dismissal does not show in the Fall of Wickets on the Match Scorecard or Scorebook views, and previous Fall of Wickets incorrectly change (#9736)
  • Fixed issue in Player Averages where a Player who did not bowl in both innings or a four-innings match can end-up with an incorrect Best Bowling in a Match value (#12223)


Collaborative Scoring

  • Added support for a Video Analyst, with a Speed Radar and in Auto Score mode, to set the radar end in the Opening End prompt, and not have this setting overwritten by the Live Scorer (#10834)
  • Fixed issue where a Direct Reader could sometimes end-up with inconsistent data (e.g., a Wicket but not the ball it occurred on) and not recover even with subsequent updates (#11744)



  • Fixed issue where the next ball clip after toggling Auto Score ON/OFF would fail to upload, even though Video Sync Status says that it has (#10327)
  • Fixed issue where Download Latest from Server was not correctly deleting existing local Continuous videos, leading to these be missing from Video Timeline but present in the Match Folder (#11766)




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