NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer 6.7.0 Release Notes (17 April 2023)

General Scoring 

  • Update PCS Pro to the latest Twitter library version to better handle potential Twitter API changes (#12122)
  • Fixed issue where NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer would crash when changing a Fixture’s Date and/or Start Time after creating it (#12486)


Collaborative Scoring 

  • Fixed issue where Runs Cost/Runs Saved events/values from Video Analyst do not update correctly on Live Scorer when edited/deleted (#10577)
  • Fixed issue where Auto-Score with the Ellipse reader as Live Scorer did not always automatically create ball clips (#12525)


Stats Wizards 

  • Added all data columns previously not included in a Match Stats Wizard export to Multi-Match Stats Wizard exports (#11387)
  • Added all Hawk-Eye data to the live Ball-by-Ball CSV export (#12415)
  • Added 'Scoring Shot Percentage' as a specific number/stat on Stats Wizards (incl. CSV exports), Statistics -> Batting reports, and Player Averages (#8829)
  • Added a tool tip to Wickets in Stats Wizard to detail the number of bowler wickets vs run outs, retirements, absents (#9763)
  • Added Bowlers Strike Rate to Stats Wizard column (#11647)
  • Fixed issue with a potential crash accessing Match Stats Wizard in Auto Score/Collaborative Capture because of no Player linked to a Fielding event (#12020)


Match/Competition Centres

  • Added support for embedded Match Lists to be created per Organisation to simplify setup by Club, Provincial Union, or Country, etc (#9699)



  • Fixed issue where Collaborative Capture with Web Overlays could sometimes generate duplicate encoding requests to be queued (#12176)
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