NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer 6.9.0 Release Notes (7 June 2023)

General Scoring 

  • Added support for the new Twitter v2.0 API endpoints, to pre-empt the Twitter integration breaking again when Twitter switch to these from the current v1.1 API, at a currently unspecified date (#12725)
  • Updated the Tools -> Configuration -> Social options and the manual Tweet Ball dialog (text) to prevent Twitter’s new cumulative platform limit being reached, by restricting individual Play-Cricket Scorer Pro users to 20 Tweets per day (#12732)  

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  • Added support and, when appropriate, new prompts for updating the Bowling Type set on a specific ball(s) when changing a Bowler partway through an over or using Replace for a whole match (#12676) 


Match/Competition Centres 

  • Fixed issue where Match Centres would sometimes not update after a post-match Edit (#12531) 


Replay Screen/Scoreboard 

  • Corrected label of XML field 326, Required Run Rate, as it was outputting Required Runs (#12702) 


Live Streaming 

  • Improved the handling of long Bowler names, to avoid wrapping onto a second line (#12749) 
  • Improved the Restart Overlay Engine function to better resolve rare situations where the Overlay server was running too many instances and a restart of PCS Pro was required (#12988)  
  • Changed the end-of-over logic to retain the Bowler and ball-by-ball data of the previous over until the next ball is bowled, rather than changing immediately to the next Bowler/no data (#12750) 
  • Minor overlay design fixes, including better rounding on lower resolutions, improved secondary team colour fallback behaviour, and amended sizing of score when 10 wickets down (#12990) 
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the overlays would show Runs to Win and Balls Remaining labels (values 0) when in the first innings of a two-innings match, due to the previously open match (#12850) 
  • Fixed issue where Milestone and Event badges would display for too long, will now be removed once the next ball is scored, as expected (#12752) 

Pitchside Analytics 

  • Fixed issue where the automatic connection to the laptop was not working on iOS16 devices (#12552) 
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