Live Streaming Batting Card Overlay showing Incorrect Information

We have recently become aware that there is an issue with the live streaming Batting card overlay showing incorrect information at the end of an innings in a two innings match. This incorrect batting card can be displayed without the scorer/streamer realising if the Live Stream Overlay control is set to Auto with Cards. The incorrect information can include incorrect Runs and Balls for early batters in the innings, 0 Runs and Balls for later batters in the innings and the Total, e.g.:




The issue only occurs when an innings has been ended with the End of Overs option (so NOT All Out or Target Reached) AND Save has been clicked on the Edit Resumption Time/No Play State prompt at the end of the innings. 


We are working towards fixing this issue and releasing an NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/Play-Cricket Scorer Pro update as soon as possible, but in the meantime users should disable the Tools -> Configuration -> Scoring -> Prompt to specify resumption of play when sessions/innings breaks commence (in scoring role) setting, i.e.:







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