NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer 7.4.0 Release Notes (22 November 2023)

General Scoring

  • Added a new Reverse Scoop button at the end of the Shot Type panel (#13890)
  • Removed the Bowling Type selector from the Play Control panel and added it to the Ball by Ball right-click context menu (#13808)
  • Fixed issue where the WASP first innings Predictions and second innings Probabilities were not calculating correctly for some users, who will be prompted to re-sync the WASP data (#13536)


Match Centre/Portal

  • Fixed issue where the overs bowled/total in innings in a DLS shortened match were incorrectly displayed in the match header when in the Runs/Wickets format (#13817)



  • Included a forced upgrade to the new third-party Media Components, v2.7.3, for all video users (#13859)


Live Streaming

  • Extended support of the Auto-Switch Ends feature to connected readers to ensure the correct fixed video input is selected at the end of each over for full hands-free live streaming (#12146)
  • Removed the Tools -> Configuration -> Live Streaming -> Disable Live Streaming Overlay Graphics Engine checkbox to avoid accidental disabling of overlays (#13904)
  • Fixed issue where changing the Custom Logo while streaming required a full re-start of Pro Cricket Scorer, whereas it now only requires a restart of the live stream, as per other similar changes (#10677)





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