Collaborative Scoring and Streaming: Using two laptops

Scenario 1: Home Side has two people involved - one Scorer and one Streamer.

Laptop 1 (Scorer) – opens match as LIVE SCORER

Laptop 2 (Streamer) – opens match as READ ONLY

Scorer scores match as normal.

Streamer brings Video Feed into their laptop. Streamer clicks Start Live Stream on PCS Pro. Streamer clicks Go Live in YouTube.

Please note, this option does not send ball clips/uploaded highlights to club's Play-Cricket site.

Possible Timeline:

PERSON 1 (Scorer): Gets ready to score match as normal.
PERSON 2 (Streamer): Connects to Video Camera Feed
PERSON 1: File -> Start Match from Fixture as LIVE SCORER
PERSON 2: File -> Open Match as READ ONLY
PERSON 2: Clicks Start Live Stream in PCS Pro. Clicks GO LIVE in YouTube Studio.
PERSON 1: Clicks Start Play Button in PCS Pro. Ensures Live -> Upload as Live Scorer is ticked. Scores Match as Normal.
PERSON 2: Managed Live Stream in terms of stability and any manual adding of graphics or related media. If stable, stream can be left unmanned.



Scenario 2: Home Side has two people involved - both capable of scoring - one Scorer (who "doesn't do video") and one Scorer&Streamer.

Laptop 1 (Scorer) - opens match as LIVE SCORER

Laptop 2 (Support Scorer) - opens match as SUPPORT SCORER. Brings Video Feed into Laptop. Capture/Edit Video ticked, Video -> Live Upload ticked. Support Scorer clicks Start Live Stream on PCS Pro and Go Live on YouTube

In this scenario, the Live Scorer will upload the score to Play-Cricket and the Support Scorer will upload the ball clips. The SS's score will show on the Overlays. 



If you want ball clips uploaded to your Play-Cricket Match Centre you must use Scenario 2. If you are happy with just a Live Stream and the Scores only on the Match Centre then Scenario 1 is a good option.









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