Resolving rare instances where Uninstalling does not work

Very occasionally, users may find that because of a hardware and/or IT issue, some part of the NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/Play-Cricket Scorer Pro platform may not be able to be uninstalled as part of a support/troubleshooting process. This issue could affect the uninstalling of:

  • The PCS/PCS Pro desktop application/software
  • The Media Components required for all things video within the application/software

Affected users will see one or more of the below error messages, and perhaps others as well:



In such a scenario, we recommend that users read the below Microsoft Support page and download and run the troubleshooter that is available on this page:

This will overcome the issue preventing the correct uninstall and allow the support/troubleshooting process to continue, ie the re-installation of PCS/PCS Pro and/or the Media Components. 



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