NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v8.6.0 Release Notes (26 March 2024)

Platform Improvements

  • Removed support for Pro Cricket Scorer on Windows 8.1 computers, and added a message informing such users that they will be unable to login and should upgrade to at least Windows 10 (#13462)
  • Updated the Pro Cricket Scorer development framework from Microsoft .NET 6 to the .NET 8 platform, ahead of the 2024 season and Microsoft’s ending of .NET 6 support in late 2024 (#14602)
    • NB: Users will require Administrator permissions on their computer to install the .NET 8 packages when they upgrade to v8.6.0

General Scoring

  • Added the new Gunn & Moore cricket ball type for selection via Scoring -> Ground Conditions/Ball Details (#14422)


  • Added multi-angle ball clips to the Match Portal (#10674)

Vision AI

  • Fixed issue where sometimes Vision AI detections would fail to detect any data after two overs (#14515)
  • Frame Rate, Camera Straightness, Zoom Quality, and Camera Motion improvements to the Vision AI Camera Setup Tool (#14181)


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