Installing Play Cricket Scorer Pro/NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer

England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) users can download and install Play Cricket Scorer Pro (PCS Pro) from:

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) users should contact them directly for the download and install link for the NZC Pro Cricket Scorer software.

For users in all other territories, NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer can be downloaded and installed from or any of the Download Trial buttons on


Installation Recommendations

When installing the Play Cricket Scorer Pro/NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer software, we recommend:

  • Checking that your computer supports the software application before commencing, as per 
  • Right-clicking on the installer package and selecting Run as Administrator
  • Retain the default settings on the Install Setup Wizard prompts, especially install for "Everyone"
  • Downloading and installing the software on a known good internet connection, and preferably hardwired


Installation Issues

Occasionally, some users may experience an issue when installing the Play Cricket Scorer Pro/NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer software. 

The most common of these is an issue installing, starting, or connecting to the SQL Server Local Database, so if users receive a critical error message that mentions SQL Server, they should refer to these steps:


Sometimes, the installed Anti-Virus agent, especially if this is a particularly aggressive one like Norton or McAfee, may interfere with the download of the installer and/or the installation itself. So if installs fail, users should:

  • Check the list of Installed Apps and uninstall PCS Pro/PCS AND its Prerequisites if these are shown on the list b but the application does not open or install error messages have been received
  • Temporarily disable the installed Anti-Virus agent (and re-enable Windows Defender if this has been disabled) and try downloading and running the installer again
  • If the problem persists, try downloading the installer on a different internet connection, with their Anti-Virus agent temporarily disabled, and re-enable this and add PCS Pro/PCS to its exclusions as above
  • If the problem still persists, users should consult their IT support, especially if they are trying to install PCS Pro/PCS on a computer controlled by an organisation, such as a workplace or school

If PCS Pro/PCS can still not be installed, please contact your respective support desk ( or for investigation. 


If the Install Setup Wizard appears to have stopped, with an open Dialog box showing a paused 'progress bar' for more than a few seconds, e.g.:

Please check that a User Access Control dialog has not been minimised to the Taskbar, e.g.:

If so, click on its icon to open the dialog and click OK/Yes to continue the Install Setup Wizard.

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  • It is around 2 years since I last scored for my club and I used my newer laptop last saturday and it continually rejected my password. Moving to another laptop it now claims I am using too many licences. I have reset and reloaded play cricket, but to no avail. How can I get into the app?


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