NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v8.7.0 Release Notes (8 May 2024)

General Scoring

  • Improved the error messaging on the login prompt when users cannot login, e.g. incorrect Username or Password, Maximum Number of Devices reached, Device has been Deactivated, etc (#14965)

Stats Wizards

  • Adjusted Hawk-Eye and Virtual Eye integration to display Line of Pitch Map to be consistent with manually coded Line in Stats Wizard (#8800)

Live Streaming

  • Added new event information to live stream overlays for Maiden, Wicket Maiden, Hattrick Ball, Hattrick, and other player, team and partnership events (#14065)
  • Added player and team Wagon Wheel cards to Live Stream Overlay Control for display on live streams for any batter, bowler, or team on any innings of the match (#14651 and #14916)
  • Removed highlight of bowler in the live stream and VPM Bowling Card when at the end of an over in a Rain, Bad Light, Ground Delay, End of Innings, Lunch, Tea, Dinner or End of Day break (#14659)

Vision AI

  • Frame Rate, Camera Straightness, Zoom Quality, and Camera Motion improvements to the Vision AI Camera Setup Tool (#14181)
  • Added support for the capture of x,y co-ordinates of Pitch Map to allow users to be more objective and data-focused through use of the Stats Wizard Pitch Map image and lasso filtering. Live Match and Stats Wizard CSV exports updated with manually coded x,y co-ordinates (#14525)
  • Improved accuracy of Ball Arrival detections by reducing number of extreme outliers (#14984)
  • Improved accuracy of Ball Arrival detections on full toss deliveries (#14999)
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