NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v8.8.0 Release Notes (27 May 2024)

General Scoring

  • Fixed issue where XML Scoreboard output could break when special characters were included in the team name (#13658)

Stats Wizards

  • Added additional columns to the live match ball by ball and Stats Wizard exports: Speed External, Speed Radar, Analyst Arrival Line, Analyst Arrival Height, Analyst Pitch Line, Analyst Pitch Length, External Pitch X, External Pitch Y (#14805)
  • Added Ball Type and Ball Colour to the live match ball by ball and Multi-Stats Wizard (#14805)
  • Added tool tips to Stats Wizard and the Ball by Ball panel to inform user as to the source of the data (#15126 and #15127)

Match Portal

  • Added horizontal scroll bar to Portal and Match Reporting so users understand there are multiple ball clips to view

Match/Competition Centres

  • Fixed minor display issue in Match Centre where Scorecard Only columns were misaligned (#14871)

Collaborative Scoring

  • Fixed issue where Match Sign-Off was prevented due to rounding issue on Line and Length (#15211)

Live Streaming

  • Removed Wagon Wheel from the Auto With Cards rotation that was incorrectly adding empty Wagon Wheels during breaks (#15254)

Vision AI

  • Added ability for users to bulk process ball clips and apply selected Vision AI detections (#15206)

 Mobile App

  • Added support for scoring matches as Totals or Scorecard Only results in our Mobile Scoring App allowing users to enter results without needing to score matches ball by ball. Totals and Scorecard Only matches scored on Mobile will flow through to Match Centre and Portal (#10203)


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