The streaming overlay control provides an interactive and dynamic live stream experience. Effectively using the streaming overlay control panel will allow you get the most out of your broadcasts.

This article explains how to enable the streaming overlay control and how to use it in your cricket streams.

How to enable the streaming overlay control

The streaming overlay control panel is included in the default Live Streaming layout.

The overlay control will initially be hidden; you can click the panel on the right to expand it.

To make the control panel visible or add it to another layout, go to the view menu enable 'Streaming Overlay Control' in the video settings.

Using the streaming overlay control

Control your overlays during your live stream using the buttons in the streaming overlay control panel. Clicking on a button will update the overlay for your live stream.

The buttons give you direct control over which overlays are displaying during your live stream. However, the Auto options will set Play-Cricket Scorer Pro to automatically adjust the overlays based on the current situation during the game:

Auto During play - display 'Main' overlay and events (when the requirements have been met); during breaks - display 'Situation' and 'Partnership'
Auto with Cards As above, but also includes the Graphs and Cards displays during breaks


Buttons will be enabled once there is data available to display, for example the Graphs options will become selectable once the first over has been completed, whereas the Events 1, Events 2, and Milestones buttons will be enabled when their requirements have been met, such as a maiden over being bowled.

Overlays in Action

Explore below some examples of graphs and cards you can integrate into your live stream.



Wagon Wheel


Bowling Mini Card

You are now ready to use overlays in your cricket live stream!

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