NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v3.0.4 Release Notes (7 May 2020)


General Scoring

  • Automated Power Play changes when shortened match details are entered, according to standard ICC tables for the match format (including The Hundred), while taking into account the current match situation; e.g. a reduction might mean a current Power Play is finished (#715)
  • Automated Power Play updates when the Match Type is changed after a match has been created, including between different limited overs formats, and between these and non-limited overs matches (#3772)
  • Enabled personal information such as profile image and DOB, as per Players, to be available for all Officials (Umpires, Referees, Scorers, etc), enabled as usual by ticking Permits Use of Personal Data checkbox first (#5299)
  • Added an Innings Note for Match Reduced to X Overs, when added either pre-Toss or post-Toss but before First Innings is created (#5809)
  • Enabled Key Moment coded balls to be included in Auto-Tweet function as an Event, as per Milestones, Breaks, etc (#5808)
  • Fixed issue where a critical error would sometimes occur when clicking OK to close the DLS Par Score Table at the end of an innings (#5352)
  • Fixed issue where pre-innings Rain, Ground Delay and Match Reduced/Revised Target notes were getting out of order on Innings Notes, both within PCS Pro and on Match Centres (#5733)
  • Fixed issue where the Score Summary -> Runs Required field was incorrect during a Super Over if the match had ended in a Tie by DLS, as it was not accounting for adjusted scores (#5698)
  • Fixed issue where a Match Type with no Super Over set would sometimes prompt for a Next Innings when the match ended in a Tie (#4553)
  • Fixed issue where Player and Official filters would not reset/load additional data when changing season or Match dates (#5687)
  • Included newly created Players in their default Club/Team list under Add Player immediately, rather than only after they have played a match (#5732)
  • Fixed issue where incorrect current bowler set when exiting Edit mode after making a change for two overs previous, when the current over had not been set (#1607)
  • Fixed issue where the Bowler would revert back to the previous bowler if in a Break, change the Bowler, and then click Start Play (#4567)
  • Fixed issue on Auto-Tweets where there was a mismatch of overs/balls between the innings score and the ball description after Wides or No Balls were added in Edit mode (#5770)
  • Fixed issue where the Twitter configuration for Every Ball was not disabled correctly if it had been previously enabled, resulting in a Tweet every ball even though it did not appear ticked (#5807)


Stats Wizard

  • Fixed issue when using “SHIFT” key to select Batsman/Bowler in combination with Team or LHB/RHB where items not visible were still being selected (#5785)


The Hundred/Countdown Cricket

  • Changed the display of Overs to Balls, Maidens to Dot Balls (0s) and RPO to RPB etc in Score Summary, Play Control, Scorecard, Scorebook, and Match Scorecard views as appropriate (#5613)
  • Changed all Innings Notes to display Balls rather than Overs, e.g. Team Milestones, Breaks, Retirement, Hattricks, etc (#5667)
  • In the Ball by Ball panel, added the legal ball count to the over headers, i.e. Over 1 (1 – 5), Over 2 (6 – 10), Over 3 (11 – 15), etc, for clarity (#5680)
  • Changed the Ball by Ball and Innings Notes over ball numbering format, to new Ball (Over.Ball) format, and ensured change to this in related places, e.g. Match Scorecard & Scorebook pop-ups, End of Over checks, Compare/Signoff (#5676)
  • Adjusted Bowler Confirmation prompt to enable bowlers to bowl in consecutive “overs”, defaulting to the last bowler from an end for the next over at that end, removing ineligible bowlers from the prompt’s dropdown list, and appropriate prompts for maximum consecutive overs (#5355)
  • Adjusted display of bowlers in replay screens and scoreboard XML to cater for consecutive “overs” from the same end  (#5379)
  • Ensured that the Striker/Non-Striker only change at the end of an over if the bowling end has changed, and not after overs that are the first in the pair at that bowling end (#5743)
  • Adapted the DLS Professional (2018) algorithm for The Hundred from the new official ICC version from Prof Stern, including cross-checking of Revised Target calculations and Par Score displays throughout PCS Pro, scoreboard displays, etc (#5620)
  • Adapted the default Power Play rules to cater for the Hundred (#5625)
  • Ensured correct counting of total balls if short or long overs occur, and 5-ball Super Overs (#5614)
  • Changed all Twitter formats to reference balls instead of overs (#5615)
  • Added an Innings Ball column to the CSV export spreadsheet, in order to help distinguish from Over and Ball number (but with duplicates for Wides & No Balls), and also included in non-Hundred exports as well (#5619)
  • Ensured that Bowling Reports have the same column headers as the Scorebook, for both Hundred and non-Hundred matches (#5728)
  • Changed various message popups from referencing Overs to Balls, where appropriate, e.g. the automatic innings reduction note, and added Balls to others, e.g. the Confirm Bowler prompt, for additional clarity (#5675)
  • Changed Player Averages to display Balls and 0s rather than Overs and Maidens, and RPB rather than Econ (changed to RPO in non-Hundred matches), while a combination of Hundred and non-Hundred matches will display as previously (#5623)
  • Changed the Power Play dialog to display balls not overs, so now shows Start Ball and End Ball for each Power Play (including in shortened matches), and with the dropdown list displaying the new Ball (Over.Ball) format (#5673)
  • Changed Breaks/No Play State, and Player Role/Substitutions dialog boxes to show Balls rather than Overs in column display, and Ball (Over.Ball) on the dropdown lists (#5727)
  • Changed the Shortened Match dialogs to display balls not overs, as well as change the Scoring menu option to Revised Balls/Target/DLS, and applied the new Ball (Over.Ball) format to the Ball dropdown (#5674)
  • Adapted all Replay Screen and in-software scoreboard slides to display Balls instead of Overs as appropriate, including targets and run rates (#5616)
  • Changed the live streaming overlays (#5617) and match centres (#5624) to be ball- rather than over-centric as appropriate, e.g. Bowler’s figures to B-0s-R-W format, Run Rate/Required changed to Runs Per Ball/Required, etc
  • Added new “Replace Over fields with Balls in Countdown Cricket” setting for Scoreboard XML output files and LED integrations, which automatically adjusts over-centric values to be ball-centric without requiring a template change per match (#5618); and added various additional fields (e.g. NorthEnd_Bowler_Balls, SouthEnd_Bowler_Balls) to support custom integrations for The Hundred and Countdown Cricket
  • Added the new ball format, “ball (over.ball)”, to the video playback window, when accessed from within a match, via Stats Wizard -> Play Video, or from Video -> Replays (#5771)
  • Fixed issue with Power Play Innings Notes including non-legitimate balls when these started or ended partway through overs, including for non-Hundred matches as well (#5726)



  • Updated Media Components (2.2.13) to improve reliability and performance of many video features (#5768)
  • Added better handling of uploading a match with video after it has been deleted in web-admin, where container/blob video storage was problematic (#5738)
  • Improvements to Auto Reconnect options for network based video including Remote Video and IP Camera etc. (#5606)
  • Improvements to the Enable Frame Stabilisation setting under Advanced Options, default set to off (#5865)
  • Improved Continuous Capture timecode accuracy for non-Blackmagic devices (#5080)
  • Improved timing on Auto-Capture Wicket clips to 17 seconds prior to the opening of the Wicket dialog, and 20 seconds after, so total clip duration of 37 seconds (#4434)
  • Fixed issue where the Add All Clips to Playlist function would fail if not all video clips were local, but will now prioritise these (including streamed clips that are saved), but include cloud/server clips if available, rather than fail (#5719)
  • Fixed issue where 480p web clips had an incorrect default aspect ratio (16:9), resulting in a flattened playback in VLC (#5596)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the Auto Capture mode would get stuck processing a ball (#5795)
  • Fixed issue where Match Graphs were playing the wrong video clip, was an out-by-one error on wickets (#5663)
  • Fixed issue where playing a video clip after having two open with the Split Screen Controller would cause a crash, and improved some related functionality, e.g. prioritising Auto Replay if this occurs while this is open (#5448)
  • Fixed issue with External Audio increasing length of Continuous Capture video, affecting ball alignment on timeline (#5812)
  • Fixed issue with Intel QuickSync (Hardware) encoding not working on older computers (Intel HD Graphics 4000) by added “Force Constant Bit Rate (CBR) encoding” to Advanced Settings (#5799)
  • Fixed issue where the Auto-Capture ball clips would overlap either side of a Timed Out/Absent batsman (#5584)


 Video Package Manager

  • Improved editing capability, including ability to add background audio, selectable transition options for between clips, shortening of individual clips, etc, and display of elapsed and total time of package (#5666)
  • Added new live streaming/highlights overlay graphics (#4077) to VPM, clips will initially show the score before the ball but update during playback to score after that ball (#5601)
  • Added new ‘Add to Package’ menu option on Ball by Ball grid to easily add clips to Video Package Manager (#5691)
  • Added new Video Package Manager option to ‘Download videos automatically’ to improve reliability when creating packages with cloud based clips (#5744)
  • General improvements, e.g. ability to add a clip to a blank package, keeping Video -> Video Packages active (but not -> Generate Highlights Package) when no match is open, added HD icon to thumbnail when unencoded clip is being used (#4796)
  • Change Video Package Manager to top level Window (non-modal), allow minimise (#5023)
  • Fixed issues where inserting a clip into a generated package would not include the overlay, and would show completed overs instead of X.6 on last-ball-of-over clips (#5593)
  • Fixed issue with a looped audio track sometimes not working (#5762)
  • Fixed issue where processing would stop if a package contained a missing video clip, it is now skipped and processing continues (#5796)
  • Improved Video Package playback for Replay Screens (#5737)


Live Streaming

  • Significant improvements for playing video replays and highlights packages into the live streaming, the latter via Video Package Manager and including audio, transition animations, overlay/watermark options, etc (#4799)
  • Added live streaming frames per second setting options, including smart-auto (max 30fps), Black Magic (25fps), other capture devices at the detected fps, and option to stream at detected source frame rate (#5387)
  • Fixed issues where playing an existing or newly added .mp4 file from the _Branding folder into the Live Stream did not work (#4306)
  • Fixed issue where editing a Player name did not immediately update on the score overlays, introduced by other player profile changes (#5602)
  • Added some additional tweaks to general overlays for streaming and highlights, as a continuation of previous work (#4077)
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