At NV Play, we understand the role of the scorer is a busy one, and that every scorer has their preferred way of doing things.  So we have made it easy for you to work the way you like to, with support for multiple scoring input methods - including via keyboard shortcuts.

The following keyboard scoring options are always active:

0 (or .), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 for the respective number of runs off the bat, credited to the batsman (not 7, 8, or 9)

w & 0 for a wide, w & 1 for 2 wides, w & 2 for 3 wides, w & 3 for 4 wides, w & 4 for 5 wides

n for a no ball, n & 1 for a no ball and 1 run to the batsman, n & 2 for a no ball and 2 runs to the batsman, etc 

n, l or b & 1 for a no ball with 1 leg bye or bye, n, l or b & 2 for a no ball with 2 leg byes or byes, etc

l & 1 for 1 leg bye, l & 2 for 2 leg byes, l & 3 for 3 leg byes, l & 4 for 4 leg byes 

b & 1 for 1 bye, b & 2 for 2 byes, b & 3 for 3 byes, b & 4 for 4 byes 

p to open Penalties dialog, Tab through dropdown/buttons, up/down arrows to select, and Enter to commit

x to open Wicket dialog, Tab through dropdown/buttons, up/down arrows to select, and Enter to commit

Useful tip

The up/down arrows also work on Batsman and Bowler Confirmation Prompts.

o to End Over with less than six legal deliveries, or any over if Auto End Over is OFF 

m to open a Broadcast Message when more than one user is connected to the match cloud, for sending messages to each other

Delete, Escape or Ctrl+Z to Undo Ball/Over/Action 

Spacebar to Start Ball and End Ball, if not in Auto-Start Ball and/or Auto End Ball mode, with Escape to delete

F2 or Insert to enter and exit Edit Mode

F4 to immediately return the cursor to the ‘next action’ button (i.e. Record Toss, Start Play, End Ball, etc)

F5 to open the video playback window for the last ball

F6 to open the video playback window for the current/last over

F7 to immediately open the Match Scorecard for viewing, saving, printing, or emailing

F8 to immediately open the Match Scorebook for viewing, saving, printing, or emailing 

F11 to enter (and exit) full screen mode, where the top two rows of match details and menu bar are hidden

In full screen video playback mode, down arrow is pause, up arrow is play, left arrow is backwards frame-by-frame, right arrow is forwards frame-by-frame, < is skip to previous clip, > is skip to next clip, and Escape to exit full screen mode. 

Useful tip

On some laptops the Function (Fn) or another control key may also need to be held down when using these keyboard scoring options.

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