End of Over Score Checks Between Users

A key collaborative scoring feature is the end of over score checks that allow two or three users to be prompted with a comparison at the end of each over, to assist the scoring process by identifying any discrepancies as soon as possible. The score check process compares the batsman, bowler, and the number and type of runs scored on each ball, as well as the fielder(s) involved in a catch or run out. If there is a discrepancy, the score check prompt links to Edit mode for easy access by the user who needs to make the correction, and will re-appear once they have done so to confirm that the discrepancy has been resolved.

To enable this feature, go to Tools -> Configuration -> Network and tick the Show end of over score check when other scorers are connected checkbox on all scorer and analyst laptops:  


At the end of each over, the score check will automatically appear on all users’ screens, with their own data always first, on the left. There may be a short delay in the appearance of another user’s data, until they also enter the last ball of the over, signalled by the circulating dots symbol:


If there is no scoring discrepancy, the tick and Scores Identical in black will be displayed at the bottom left corner, and all users should click Close to continue scoring. However, if there is a scoring discrepancy, this will instead display an exclamation mark and Scores Differ in red at the bottom left corner:


Any user who is correct should Close to continue scoring and the user who has made the error should Go to Edit Mode and correct it. If there are multiple scoring discrepancies, and/or more than one user has an error to correct, each user should Go to Edit Mode and correct their error:


On exiting Edit mode, the score check will re-appear and, if all errors have been corrected, show Scores Identical:


Please Note

The above scenario is for the full Collaborative Scoring setup, of one Live Scorer, one Support Scorer, and one Video Analyst, so the score check is between all three roles. However, if there are only two users collaborating during a match, e.g. a Live Scorer and a Support Scorer, or a Live Scorer and a Video Analyst, then these score check prompts will obviously only show those two users and their data.

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