Opening (including with Video), Closing, and Deleting Matches

These might sound like simple tasks, but at NV Play we understand that finding and opening the correct match, closing a match to open another, and deleting a match to keep the local database tidy is a key user experience – and we make it even simpler!

To find and open a required match after it has been started, go File -> Open Match to open the below dialog box. The Date range will default from the current date back two months, with all matches in that range displayed on the list below. Single-click on the required match to highlight it, click the Open for Scoring dropdown arrow, and select the required role (or use Open Read Only):


The match will open in the main interface with the selected role at the right-hand end of the status bar.

If the required match is older than two months, use the calendar icon to adjust the first date backwards, which will automatically update the list of matches from which to select. Alternatively, click on the extra calendar icon to the right of the second date’s calendar icon and select the required time-period option from the menu, or open the Seasons item to select from this secondary menu:


If the list of matches is long, use the filters along the top of the dialog, with one or multiple entities selected under each, to narrow the list of matches then highlight and open as above:


To search for matches that are only on the local database, so have not been uploaded to the server, tick the Local Data Only checkbox at the top-right to narrow the match list. This checkbox will be automatically ticked if the user is not logged-in, as only matches in the local database can be opened in this state, so if a server match is required use Connect to Server to login:

mceclip3.png            mceclip4.png

Also tick any of the checkboxes at the bottom of the dialog box, as required, before opening a match:


To open the most up-to-date version of a match, even if it is in the local database, ensure that Download Latest from Server is ticked, then click Continue on the Open Match prompt and then type CRICKET into the Confirm Overwrite prompt:

mceclip6.png        mceclip7.png

To record video, tick Capture/Edit Video and, if it will be possible during the match because there is an internet connection available, Live Video Upload as well to upload, for example, ball clips as video highlights.

Please Note

The Capture/Edit Video and Live Video Upload settings can be changed after a match is opened, via the Video -> Capture/Edit Video and Video -> Live Upload options, rather than having to re-open the match

Finally, tick Download Video Now to select the required video for download from the server before opening the match and beginning the download process. The Download Video from Server dialog will default to Download all Encoded video but tick the checkboxes of any other available video types as required. To download video clips for selected player(s) only, change the radio button to Download selected players only and then hold down the Shift key to select a range of players or the Control key to select individual players:

mceclip8.png             mceclip9.png

Click Download Now to begin the download and open the Video Sync Status box, from which Stop All Transfers will stop the download (after the currently downloading clip finishes), and Continue in Background will minimise this box to the status bar:

mceclip10.png           mceclip11.png

Alternatively, click Download in Background to begin the download without opening the Video Sync Status box and only have it on the status bar, which will countdown the number of clips remaining to be downloaded:


Single-click on this part of the status bar to re-open the Video Sync Status box at any point.

Please Note

Similarly, video can be selected for download from the server after a match is open, via the Video -> Download Video Now option, rather than having to re-open the match. 

A match can also be opened by a connected reader over the local network, via the File -> Open Match from Local Network function, as explained in the Instructions for Direct Readers document.

To close the open match, go to File -> Close Match and the main interface will only display the NV Play logo.

To delete a match from the local database, go to File -> Delete Match to open the Delete Match from Local Database dialog, use the filters along the top if required, single-click on the required match, and click Delete:


It is also possible to delete multiple matches at once, by holding down the Select key to select a range of matches or the Control key to select multiple individual matches, then clicking Delete. In both situations a confirmation prompt will appear, as below, so click Yes to delete the match(es) from the local database:

mceclip0.png         mceclip1.png

Please Note

Matches can only be deleted from the local database, so if there is a server version of the match this will still exist. To delete a server version of a match, please contact your system administrator.

Please watch the following video for further information on filtering matches when opening, closing, and deleting, etc:

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