Live Streaming Instructions for Creating a YouTube Event

This document explains how to create a YouTube live streaming Event, which can be setup well in-advance of the match and promoted on the channel and other platforms in the intervening period. These instructions should be read in conjunction with NV Play Cricket Live Streaming Instructions for Remote Video (July 2020) 

Login to YouTube, click on the avatar icon (P) at top-right, and select YouTube Studio from the menu:  

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Click the Create button at top-right, select Go Live from the menu, allow the Live Control Room to load (there will be a red progress bar along the top, which will take a few seconds to complete), check that the Manage tab is selected on the left-hand navigation menu, then click Schedule Stream at the top-right: 

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This opens the New Stream dialog, as below. Create a titleAdd a description, select the type of stream (PublicUnlisted, or Private) from the dropdown menu, retain the Sports category, enter the Date and Start Time of the match, and Upload a Custom Thumbnail to be displayed in the channel. Select the No, it’s not made for kids radio button then expand the Age restriction (advanced) section and ensure that No, don’t restrict my video to viewers over 18 only is selected. Click Create Stream to save the Event: 

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NB: If the Event is Public, the live stream will appear on both the YouTube channel and the Match Centre, but if it is Unlisted it will only appear on the Match Centre, once embedded. A Private live stream cannot be viewed on the YouTube channel or embedded on the Match Centre.  

The red progress bar will appear again at the top and take a few seconds to complete, when the Event will appear in the Upcoming section. Click on the Event to check or Edit any details and to Copy the YouTube channel’s Stream Key into NV Play Cricket -> Tools -> Configuration -> Live Streaming -> Stream Key: 

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NB: Copying the Stream Key only needs to be done once, as it will be saved. Also, under Additional Settings to the right, ensure that Enable DVR is on, so that viewers can scroll the live stream backwards and forwards, both during the live stream and afterwards. 

When ready, start the NV Play Cricket live stream (initially, click No to the Add Live Stream to Match Centre? prompt), which will take a few seconds to load in the Preview window, then Close the blue box at the top-right and click Go Live to start the live stream:   

blobid8.png     blobid9.png

Right-click on the Preview window and select either Copy video URL or Copy embed code, return to NV Play Cricket, click the Video Display -> Settings cog, select Add Live Stream to Match Centre to open the below dialog and paste the Video URL or Embed Code into the box at the top, and click Save 


After a minute or so, the live stream will appear on both the YouTube channel and the Match Centre (this can be quickly accessed from Live -> View Website Scorecard), but if not try a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) to reload the page(s) with the live stream.  


Creating a Second Stream Key for Simultaneous Streaming 

To create a second Stream Key, which is necessary to live stream two simultaneous Events (matches) on the same channel and one on each Match Centre, go to the YouTube Studio -> Stream tab and under Stream Settings click the Default stream key (Variable) dropdown arrow to select Create new stream key 

blobid11.png     blobid12.png


This will open the New stream key dialog, enter a title and description, then click Create to add this to the previous Default stream key (Variable) dropdown menu:  

blobid13.png     blobid14.png 

Select this for the existing event, or from this menu when creating a new Event, then use Copy to paste this new Stream Key into NV Play Cricket -> Tools -> Configuration -> Live Streaming tab, as above.  

NB: This new Stream Key will be retained for future Events, but it can also be deleted under Manage stream keys, if necessary.  


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