NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v3.0.7 Release Notes (27 Jul 2020)

General Scoring

  • Improved the Open Match, Start Match from Fixture, Stats Wizard, Player Averages, Delete Match, etc filters to all be remembered in the same user session, not just the date range (#4280)
  • On the Open Match dialog, added tooltips when hovering over Team 1, Team 2, or Result that display the current or completed scores for the respective teams and more detail on the match Result (#5976)
  • On the Fielding panel, added a cog menu with a Size to Fit option which, when enabled (default), will adjust the font size of the Player names to fit the size of the panel, or when disabled will maintain the font size and add scroll bars when required (#5577)
  • Added support for Play-Cricket Junior Double Run Zones, Auto-Double Runs, and other double run scenarios, via a ‘x2’ button on the Scoring panel in an appropriate Scoring Rules/Match Type game, and included ‘d’ for triggering via keyboard scoring (#5960)
  • Added full automated double run support for B1 Visually Impaired players, all with changes to run scored, strike changes, auto correct, etc as required (#4244)
  • Included all types of Penalty Runs awarded to the batting team in their active innings to the current partnership (#5030)
  • Better handling of long player names on the Scorecard and Scorebook, on the former these will show ‘…’ if too long and on the latter these will wrap onto two lines and then show ‘…’ if still too long (#3577)
  • Fixed issue where the Fall of Wickets would be incorrect on Statistics -> Match Scorecard and Scorebook when a wicket and retired not out occurred on the same ball (#2287)
  • Removed “UPLOAD” option from the warning prompt when opening a match as Live Scorer that another user has already live scored, when no local copy exists (#3880)
  • Added the date and time to exported CSV filenames, from Export Match and the Stats Wizard, to better handle re-exports of the same data (#5764)
  • Updated the Ball Type options to include ‘Trial’, Tiflex’, and changed ‘Duke’ to ‘Dukes’ (#4624)
  • Improved handling of Disconnected state and display when internet connection is lost, and when no scoring changes have been made while lost (#5408)
  • Enabled the 10-minute internet ‘Disconnected’ popup message to appear for Support Scorer and Video Analyst roles, as well as Live Scorer (#5975)
  • Improved the handling of Insert Ball, Delete Ball, and Add Ball by a Live Scorer in Edit Mode when there is Video Analyst coding data attached to those initial balls, so that data remains with/is added to the correct ball (#4514)
  • Fixed issue on the Import Match(es) function when importing multiple matches, where sometimes the search would return different number of matches when duplicates are in the import source folder (#5583)
  • Fixed issue where pre-populating teams from server or local database did not correctly handle merged Players, including their Scoreboard Name and Shirt Number from the merged-into Player Record (#5259)
  • Fixed issue where editing Leg Byes to Runs would clear the Ball by Ball information for that ball, and related issue where the batsman’s and innings boundaries would sometimes not update if 4 Leg Byes were changed to 4 Runs (#4206)
  • Fixed issue when syncing fixtures would display an error due to a customised Match Type (#5886)
  • Fixed issue with Collaborative Scoring where additional data from a Live Scorer would not merge to other users if they were temporarily disconnected or logged-out (#6381)
  • Fixed issue where a bowling milestone would cause a crash when the Scorebook view was open(ed), which would also repeat on re-opening PCS Pro (#6055)



  • Added Statistics -> Match Results feature for summarising match results and points tables across seasons, competitions, teams, etc, including home/away comparisons and toss result analysis (#3458)
  • Added Match Type and Venue filter headings to the top of Player Averages, and the new Match Results feature, to be consistent with Club/League, Competition, Team, and Dates, with correct display of selections for each (#6071)
  • Added ability to export Statistics -> Player Averages (including separate batting and bowling options) and Match Results as CSV files (#6237)
  • Added columns to all CSV exports, including Bowler Extra Runs to distinguish between No Balls and No Balls+Byes/Leg Byes, and Around the Wicket and Keeper Up as binaries distinct from Events (#5864)
  • Added a Start Time column to all CSV exports, using the start time and UTC offset values from the Fixture/Match, to help distinguish data from matches between the same teams on the same day (#5763)
  • Fixed issue where the balls for a selected Player(s) as Fielder were not included in a query return, even when ‘Include Fielding’ was ticked, and also added Fielder as a Role under Player in the Stats Wizard filter (#5941)
  • Fixed issue where the Player filter on multi-match Stats Wizard did not work properly with a mixture of server and local matches, leaving out the latter type (#5957)
  • Removed the always inactive “Save” button from Match Stats Wizard, multi-match Stats Wizard, and Player Stats Wizard (from Scorecard) (#6035)


Replay Screen/Scoreboard

  • Added a DLS slide to show the Par Scores for all six balls of an over in a Standard match, or the next five balls in a Countdown match, which are removed when the next ball is bowled, also included in Scoreboard XML outputs (#2819)
  • Added a Ball Speed slide with the speed of each ball in the current over, from live Hawkeye (mph) and Virtual Eye (kph) data where available (#6017)
  • Prevented the previous wicket video clip from automatically playing to replay screen when the next batsman is Absent or Timed Out (#5008)



  • Further improvements to the Media Components, to increase Continuous Capture timecode accuracy, performance, stability and other benefits (#6414, #5810, #6436, #6460, #6461, #5850)
  • Repositioned the Split Screen Controller to open above the row of buttons on both video players, so that this is actually visible and more easily accessed (#5447)
  • Included the new Key Moments feature in live video highlights for Match Centre, but also for connected Readers with Download Highlights Only selected (#5530)
  • Added ability to download Continuous video clips only, from the Video Settings -> Continuous cog menu on Reader/other user, once and if these have completed uploading from Video Analyst (#5716)
  • Removed currently recording Replay and Continuous video clips from Video -> Replays… and Video -> Continuous Videos… lists, as playback failed anyway, and ensured these menu options only active once the first of each type finishes recording (#5492)
  • Added warning messages to New Match, Start Match from Fixture, Open Match, Close Match, etc, when the currently open match is uploading or downloading video, as exiting this match will stop the video queue process (#5319)
  • Fixed issue where the colour of a ball clip’s Duration in Ball by Ball did not change from red to green after being streamed from the server and saved to local disk (#5921)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes a green line would appear on 480p video clips, when working with these in Video Package Manager, resolved via a Media Components update (#5924)
  • Improvements to the Video Ball by Ball panel, including a new filter to View All/Last Over/Wickets/Fours/Sixes/Key Moments, Play All and Play Last buttons, and right-click on thumbnails to Download Web or Unencoded Video clips (#4798)
  • Added the number of Capture Errors to the top right hand corner of Video Display when there is a problem with video capture, i.e. the clips are not encoding or saving to disk (#5813)
  • Fixed issue where the Video Path or Address would not display when first loading a Video File as a dummy Video Capture Device, but would be visible on re-opening the Settings dialog (#6036)
  • Improved PCS Pro to provide warning message when switching back to Blackmagic (Legacy) mode and fixed initialisation (#6259)
  • Addressed an issue where using software encoding would not allow video clips to playback on MacOS QuickTime and Windows Media Player (#5714)


Video Package Manager

  • Included Key Moments as an option in the Generate Highlights Package dialog, with default setting to ON (#5747)
  • Added ability to generate video highlights based on a particular day’s play in multi-day matches, as per match, innings and last session (#6336)
  • Changed behaviour of overlays on video highlights to show post-ball score and information rather than transitioning mid video, and improved clarity of four/six highlight so it is clear what is being shown (#6328)
  • Fixed issue where a Maiden Over event would appear on a video highlights package of 4s and 6s, if the current/last over was a maiden (#6326)
  • Fixed issues with cloud video downloads, to ensure unencoded clips are used when these are selected, instead of web clips, and their actual duration rather than a default estimate of 15 seconds (#6355)


Live Streaming

  • Added Auto-Replay options, including ability to have either images or videos as pre-rolls before replays, and replays from either the ball clips or instant replays from the live video, with custom delays and display durations (#4913)
  • Improved the Auto with Cards sequence to display more quickly at end of each over, but allowing for last ball events or milestones, and separated into a three over cycle of Batting & Manhattan, Bowling & Worm, and Partnerships & Run Rate (#4281)
  • Improved the replay function by implementing Instant Replay (last 10 seconds) and Slow-mo Replay (last 5 seconds at half-speed) options, plus any Activation image or video, from Live Streaming Controls or Streaming Overlay Control (#5226 & #5401)
  • Added the Comparison score to the match Situation overlay, in two innings matches, when this is displayed between overs (#5891)
  • Prevented auto-Activations from repeating into the live stream when clicking Auto or Auto with Cards again after doing a full screen Batting, Bowling card, etc; e.g. at the end of an over or fall of a wicket, when score hadn’t changed (#5227)
  • Added automated Match Result overlay to the Situation button, which becomes active as soon as the last innings is ended and the Match Result is saved (#5231)
  • Added Team Colour Overrides to the Overlay Settings dialog, for custom overlay colours when required (e.g., by Competition) or to create greater contrast between two teams with similar colours (#5603)
  • Improved validation for custom RTMP addresses and stream key combinations to better support Brightcove live streaming (#6317)
  • Fixed issue where live streaming activations would not retain the video source audio commentary (#6450)
  • Updated County branding packages for Live Streaming (Instant Replays) and Video Package Manager (Highlights and Wickets pre-rolls), with default Play-Cricket branding for Instant Replays and Highlights (#6268)


Match Centres

  • Added Innings and Milestone Notes to the pre-Toss and pre-Innings pages on Match Centre, for better display of relevant match information, e.g. pre-match reduction of overs, career milestones, etc (#5815)
  • Added date range filter to Fixtures and Results tabs, including better handling of long lists of matches under both, scrolling down will trigger the loading of the next 20 matches after each 20 matches (#2236)
  • Added Advanced Filters option (expand/collapse) for Team and Match Type to both Fixtures and Results tabs, with appropriate filtering for each, and in combination with the standard Competition and Date filters (#4067 and #4997)
  • Fixed issue where an Absent or Timed Out did not display the dismissed batsman’s information correctly on the Ball by Ball tab (#5182)
  • Completed matches will now retain the Summary tab, although will default to Scorecard when opened, after they have finished (#5178)
  • The date range on the Fixtures and Results tabs now default to the start (Results) and end (Fixtures) of the current season, and only Competitions with matches within that (or a custom) date range will show on the Competition dropdown (#5106)
  • Improved Match Centre (and Streaming Overlay) display of Manhattan, Worm, and Run Rate graphs in short-form matches, by using the two innings rather than maximum overs Match Type setting, to make available in more matches (#5205)


Match Portal

  • Significant upgrade to the NV Play Portal ([https://ecb.nvplay.com)]https://ecb.nvplay.com) to bring a new match and stats experience for the web for players, coaches, and other users with mobile responsive, widget based style and design, including an improved Match List page (#2559)
  • Refreshed online Stats Wizard design, and included many additional filters e.g. Shot Connection, Delivery Type, End, Batting Position, Partnership Position, Day/Session, etc (#3899)
  • Updated keyboard functions for controlling video player playback, so Space and Up/Down Arrows is Pause or Play, Left/Right Arrows is Pause and Frame-by-Frame, Comma is Previous and Fullstop is Next video, so the same as client software (#3957)
  • Provided ability to download unencoded clips via the HD icon on the video player, particularly for County Media staff (#4241)
  • Increased the time an inactive user can be logged in to the web portal to four hours (#4669)
  • Streamlined Forgot Password function for users to reset their password via email link (#4009)
  • General improvements, e.g. better detection of video, included wides as balls, added tooltips to Balls and Extras, and added Wickets to display as per client. Also added single-click to remove a selected item as well as a Clear function (#5977)


Hawk-Eye/Virtual Eye

  • Added real-time import capability for Hawk-Eye and Virtual Eye data in relevant matches and expanded the fields stored (#3562)
  • Imported Ball Arrival data from Hawk-Eye/Virtual Eye will now display on the image, as Pitch Map data always has, but neither can now be changed via Edit mode; previously Pitch Map data could be but would be overwritten by the imported data anyway (#3215)
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