Pitchside Analytics App - Download, Connecting, and Coding Instructions

This document provides the instructions for downloading NV Play’s Pitchside Analytics appfor iPads or Android tablets, and connecting this to the NV Play Cricket video analysis software. The Pitchside Analytics app allows a bowling/fielding coach, secondary analyst, or other user to code field settings, fielding positions, and fielding events for each delivery, on the same ball coded by the analyst on NV Play Cricket.  


Downloading the App 

The Pitchside Analytics app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store at:  

Or simply search by ‘Pitchside Analytics’ to find and install it, as per the process for all apps.  


Connecting the App 

After the app is downloaded (but not opened)on NV Play Cricket go to Tools -> Configuration -> Network tab and in the Connectivity section tick the Enable Pitchside Analytics services checkbox: 


Then go to File -> Configure Pitchside Mobile Analyst Connection/PIN to generate a four-digit PIN Code:  

blobid1.png      blobid2.png

Open the Pitchside Analytics app (after the first time, this will open on the Scorecard of the last opened match) and tap the menu icon at the top-leftselect Connect to Writer, choose the required match from the list (the current match will be at the top of this list), and click Connect: 

blobid3.png     blobid4.png

This will open the Scorecard of the match. Return to the main menuselect Fielding, and enter the four-digit PIN code and click Confirm: 

 blobid6.png    blobid7.png

NB: If the wrong match is open on the Pitchside Analytics app, warning message will appear, so return to Menu -> Change Match/Writer to select the correct match first, and then go to Fielding and enter the PIN.  

The Fielding panel for the required (current) match will then openready for coding: 



Coding Fielding Data in the App 

The Pitchside Analytics app attaches fielding data (i.e., field settings, fielding positions, fielder(s), and all the events as per the NV Play Cricket -> Detailed Fielding panel) to the scoring data (i.e., striker, non-striker, bowler, and runs/extras) for each ball from the analyst 

So, working from left-to-right, hold each fielder’s dot on the pitch map and move it into the required position for the first ball, and then just for each field change thereafter (note that the Bowler and Wicket-Keeper dots do not move).  

This produces the field setting for each delivery, and it is linked to the list of fielding positions; i.e.tapping one of the fielder dots will highlight the corresponding fielding position automatically, and vice versa (if there is a fielder dot in the selected position) 

Then tap the fielder who fielded the ball, and if required re-select the fielding position in which they did so, as this may be different from where their fielding dot was/they were at the time of delivery.  

Next, tap the required fielding events on the right-hand side, noting that as soon as the first event is selected this and the previous data (fielder and position) is then added to the ball at the top of the screen. As many events as required can be added before clicking Save Ball to end the coding for the current delivery. 


If a second (or more) fielder is involved, simply tap their name after entering the data for the first fielder, and then add their fielding position and events as required, before clicking Save BallNote that that fielding position and events for each fielder are colour coded with their names.  


To edit a previous ball, simply tap on it in the list at the top of the screen and make the required changes. Fielding events can be added or deleted by tapping them, likewise for adding or changing a fielding position.  

If two (or more) fielders were involved in a ball, the ‘current’ fielder will be underlined on the fielder list, so changes made will relate to them. To make changes for the other fielder, simply tap on their name, and they will become underlined. After all changes are made, which will update next to the ball at the top, tap Save Ball (and return to the current ball).  

To edit a ball in a previous over, use the left arrow at the top right, next to the current over number, tap the required ball and edit as above. Use the right arrow key to navigate forwards through the overs if required.  


Finally, the Switch Striker button at bottom left allows the Pitchside Analytics user to change the striker/non-striker immediately IF they realise that the analyst has not picked-up a change (e.g., after a catch where the batsmen cross) and the wrong striker will effect the field settings (e.g.a right-hand vs left-hand batsman).  

NB: When the Pitchside Analytics app is being used, the analyst will see the fielding data appear in the NV Play Cricket -> Ball by Ball -> Fielding column after each delivery (i.e., after the user has tapped Save Ball).  


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