Changing the Upload Speed when Streaming or Broadcasting Video

This document provides instructions on how a user, normally a video analyst, who is using Video -> Live Upload for ball videos during a match but are also either live streaming or broadcasting video to the network to a separate live streaming machine can, if the performance of their laptop is affected, slow down thUpload Speed to minimize this impact.  

To do this, go to the Tools -> Configuration -> Clipping tab and under Cloud Sync Options tick the Limit background upload speed when streaming or broadcasting video checkbox, which will default to Medium (1 Mbps): 




Select the Slow (500 Kbps) radio button to reduce the Upload Speed and click OK:  


If the network connection is very good, and/or streaming/broadcasting is having no effect on laptop performance on the default Medium (1 Mbps), the Fast (2 Mbps) radio button can be selected to increase the Upload SpeedHowever, if laptop performance and/or streaming/broadcasting is negatively affected, change this back immediately.  

If the Upload Speed is changed to Slow or Fastthe ball video filenames will be italicized on the Status Bar when they are being uploaded. This change is saved when closing and re-opening NV Play Cricket, so remember to change this setting back to Medium (1 Mbps), or untick the checkbox, for the next match. 



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