NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v3.1.3 Release Notes (26 Nov 2020)

General Scoring

  • Added DLS Professional 2020 (DLS 4) algorithm to available Adjusted Target options, fully tested against the official ICC calculator (#6926)
  • Added support for recording Decision Review System (DRS) events, for automatic counting, innings notes, team analysis, and umpire review (#3245) NB: See accompanying document
  • Ensured additional named players outside of the Playing XI (or “number of players” per the match type) are selectable in fielding events, e.g. to correctly link a catch to the database player for later analysis even though they are a sub, but designated correctly as sub on scorecards as per free text subs (#1145)
  • The New Sub Fielder dialog box now optionally allows a player from the database to be selected, as an alternative to free text entry, while still identifying the player as a sub in scorecards etc but ensuring correct fielding stats for analysis (#3911)
  • Added “Reset Password” link to the login menu (#2750)
  • Added editable Latitude and Longitude fields to Venues for Weather data correlation (#5411)
  • Added ability to filter by Official Type in Tools -> Edit Database (#899)
  • Added filtering of retired players and officials in Tools -> Edit Database (#6791)
  • Added Export to CSV button to Player, Official, Competition, etc pages in Tools -> Edit Database (#6234)
  • In two-innings matches, clicking Add in the Overs Rem -> Revised Overs/Target/DLS dialog will automatically open the Revised Overs box in edit mode, so users do not have to double-click to open this (#764)
  • In Tools -> Edit Database, have added the yellow highlight to the Save button when a record is updated or changed, and a new dialog when navigating away from an un-saved record, to provide more visual cue for saving edits (#1044)
  • Removed the ‘Scorers’ label from PDFs and column headers from CSV exports when none are nominated in Match Details (#7201)
  • The Auto-Correct function will now prompt after deleting a previous ball in Edit mode, when it will affect the Striker/Non-Striker on subsequent balls (#3549)
  • Improved support of Concussion Substitutes when they occur between innings, by adding them to ball one of next innings, which also resolves consequences of not knowing when the substitution occurred, e.g. ‘c.Unknown’ (#7199)
  • Improved support for scoring/coding historic matches by showing a Competition created in a previous season in the New Match dropdown for selection, including if that Competition straddles the usual Season boundaries (#4042)
  • Improved handling in Tools -> Edit Database when creating a new Player or Fixture, and when editing Match Types, especially regarding when the Save button is in/active and messaging (#7248)
  • Fixed ordering of Fielding Positions in Compare/Signoff with Server to prevent merge conflict warning (#6934)
  • Fixed issue where part over power plays could not be entered if a match is reduced prior to first innings, and where any changes (e.g. for Vitality Blast) would need re-applying to second innings (#6824)
  • Fixed issue where using the Enter key on the Confirm Batsman prompt did not confirm the pre-populated batsman and allow scoring to continue, so it does now (#6906)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes an incorrect batsman would display on the scoreboard if a wicket fell on the last ball of an innings (#6905)
  • Fixed issue in Statistics -> Match Results where the Overs For/Against were not displaying partial overs correctly (#7293)


Replay Screen/Scoreboard

  • Prevented a scoreboard output from overlaying the laptop screen if an external monitor is not detected on opening, will now open in a small, moveable Windows-framed output than can also be closed by the X at top-right (#3906)
  • Added balls faced for both batsmen on the Main slide of Ribbon-type, for all aspect ratios, scoreboard outputs (#6976)
  • Added automatic stop of Auto-Replays/Activations for live streaming and scoreboards when the Video Analyst starts a ball (bowler running in) (#5110)
  • Fixed issue where changing a bowler on a ball in Edit mode did not update the name on the scoreboard display (#7190)



  • Added support of live scrubbing without having to go into Edit mode, in both Start/Stop Ball and Collaborative Capture modes, and with the Live button now highlighted when Video Display is not displaying live video (#6396)
  • Mandatory update to latest Media Components, to version 2.3.6, for all video users (#7283)
  • Added video playback hyperlinks to the embedded and Match Stats Wizards, for easy viewing of Runs, Balls, Scoring Shots, etc (#4597)


Live Streaming

  • Enabled all relevant streaming overlay functionality for live streaming prior to the match beginning (#6835)
  • General improvements, including smoother auto-replays in certain situations, better watermark position on 720p streams, ensured audio is retained over Instant Replays, and confirmed Progressive encoding on 1080p streams (#7180)
  • Improved accuracy of Auto-Replays for live & local streams by using exact start/end timestamps from Video Analyst communicated to the streaming laptop in real time (#7188)
  • Added automatic stop of Auto-Replays/Activations for live streaming and scoreboards when the Video Analyst starts a ball (bowler running in) (#5110)
  • Added support for a Chroma Key 'screen type' to stream just the overlay graphics to a broadcast mixing desk, for adding of video feed and live streaming from there (#5740)
  • Added support to live stream locally to a connected replay screen, scoreboard, or pavilion TVs via the usual HDMI output, with score overlays, custom messages, and ball clip replays (#3135)
  • Updated Capture Device Decoding options to apply correctly to BlackMagic (#6819)
  • ​Reduced Out of Memory exceptions when frame rate conversion occurs (#6815)
  • Fixed issue where a YouTube embed code would sometimes be removed from PCS Pro and Match Centre (#6861)
  • Fixed issue where team logos with non-transparent backgrounds would bleed their corners beyond the logo circles, and improved handling of tall and thin logos to sit correctly within the circles (#6771)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes 'Overs Remaining Today' would wrap onto a second line on the baseline score overlay, due to size of text and number of overs remaining, especially if showing part overs as well (#6973)
  • Fixed issue where a full sync on a reader laptop streaming locally, e.g. to pavilion TVs, would cause the stream to break and require a stream re-start (#7179)


Video Package Manager

  • Included ability to add Batting and Bowling Cards at end of innings, day, and match to provide better match context to highlights packages (#7108)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes an incorrect score overlay was shown over a ball clip in a highlights package, due to the correct video clip not loading properly (#6481)


Match Centre

  • Improved points table widget, including display columns, up/down indicators, ordering rules, column header descriptions, penalty points, etc (#4101)
  • Updated points table to allow for Ties in Twenty20 competitions, with appropriate column header and description when these have occurred (#5109)
  • Added the last ball of a match (e.g. winning runs) as a Key Moment highlight on the Match Centre (#6991)


Competition Centre

  • Added new Competition Centre widget, like Match Centre but with Matches (Fixtures, Live, and Results), Teams, Points, Stats, and Videos tabs for whole competition (#3655, #6951)

EG: https://www.nzc.nz/domestic/competition-centres/plunket-shield

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