NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v4.0.3 Release Notes (4 Mar 2021)

General Scoring

  • Improved the re-sizing of Ball by Ball column widths; especially when the overall width is narrow, it now includes the Batsman and Bowler columns, the maximum width takes into account the length of possible data in each column, and the Settings menu will now remain open when adding/removing columns (#7831)
  • Added off-side and leg-side Wide guidelines to the Ball Arrival panel (#6031)
  • Fixed issue where an incorrect Revised Target would be calculated, despite the DLS Par Table being correct, if a reduction was manually changed between innings (#8110)
  • Fixed issue where deleting a Penalty/undoing that ball in the second innings of a shortened match, if that penalty applied to the first innings, did not re-trigger a DLS update or adjust the first innings score correctly (#8126)
  • Fixed issue where the new Overs on Current Ball data would display, prior to the second new ball, on the last ball of an over in non-Auto End Over mode (#8137)
  • Fixed issue where some files would be written to the default Match Folder at Documents\Cricket Matches even after this had been changed to a custom location (#8120)


Replay Screen/Scoreboard

  • Added a new Summary slide that displays the highest batsmen’s scores and best bowlers’ figures for each innings, showing the top four in the first two innings, top two in the third innings, and top one in the fourth innings (#6563)
  • Improved the new Basic format -> Main slide, that includes only core innings information for outputting to small Pavilion TVs or recreational-size LED screens, with design tidy-ups to work in all aspect ratios (#5156)
  • Improved the new Teams slide, e.g., by changing the wicketkeeper notation from + to wk for consistency with captain, and added a new Teams+Officials slide to display Umpires, 3rd, Referee, and Scorers (if known), as well as the Teams (#8064)
  • Updated the Main (Large), Innings and three Target slides to denote overs/balls remaining as a minimum in the 4th innings, or in the 2nd innings of a multi-day match with no maximum overs per innings set, using ‘MIN REM’ or ‘(min)’ (#5374)
  • Fixed issue where the Main Scoreboard -> Settings -> Slide dropdown was not active after using the Start with No Players function, so no slides could be selected until the Start Play process was completed (#8139)


Match Centre

  • In multi-day matches, changed overs remaining to show ‘(min)’ to denote that these are the minimum overs remaining, in both Summary data display and match situation line, for consistency with #5374 (#7320)



  • Improved performance of Video Package Manager overlays at higher frames per second, e.g., when playing highlights packages into live streams at 60fps (#8047)
  • Improved the information displayed in the Video Player, by adding Match and Innings column when viewing ball clip sequences across multiple matches, and the Innings column when viewing ball clip sequences from a single match (#6720)
  • Improved the handling of audio in multi-cam setups, including new option to consistently apply the audio associated with the primary video input across other video inputs, with external audio from individual inputs disabled by default (#7922)
  • Added an External Audio Delay function to adjust the incoming audio to remain in-sync with the video, e.g., if the audio commentary is out-of-sync with the live video (#7969)
  • Added preview of new Window Capture feature to aid procurement from other sources such as streaming via browser (#3696)
  • Added an error message when attempting to login to ONVIF device via IP Camera Search with the incorrect credentials (#8038)
  • Fixed issue where the Video Player on a Reader would not close after playing an Auto-Replay, causing a crash when it attempted to play the next Auto-Replay (#8119)


Live Streaming

  • Added NDI output for live streaming, including support for Alpha Channel (transparency), for integration into third party software such as vMix which can cleanly apply the graphics over the top of other video sources. Allows for full scoring overlay support, optional watermarks, and Video Package Manager playback in live streams produced externally from PCS Pro (#8056)
  • Improved the Auto Replay setup process, so that these are immediately enabled when Activations are selected, and added Information icons to e.g., stress that Auto or Auto with Cards must be selected for replays to automatically play (#6993)
  • Changed the Stop Replay function from a sudden cut to a smooth transition, and also applied this to the end of video file playback even if manually stopped early (#5228)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the small output window would be grey after starting a stream, even though the stream itself was playing the live video feed (#7431)


Video Package Manager

  • Fixed issue where sometimes some ball clips would not be added to long highlights packages due to error loading video files (#7592)
  • Fixed issue where cloud ball clip durations would not recalculate correctly after download, overall package duration would sometimes be incorrect, and the exported XML timestamp for would therefore be incorrect as well (#7309)
  • Fixed issue where the Trim Start and Maximum Length settings were not being applied correctly to downloaded ball clips when using the multi-match Stats Wizard (#7974)




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