NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v4.1.4 Release Notes (24 Sep 2021)

General Scoring

  • Added support for batsmen to bat more than once in an innings, which frequently occurs in warm-up matches, by retaining them on the Select Batsman prompt so they can be re-selected and shown on another row on the scorecard (#1225)
  • Updated the Power Play display and table (for shortened matches) in Women’s ODIs due to the change in Playing Conditions that removed the Batting Power Play (#8406)
  • Added support for linking a free text sub-fielder into the actual database player, by right-clicking on their names on the Fielding list, and selecting Edit (or Delete to remove them) and then using Select Player from Database (#6931)
  • Added shirt numbers to the Player dropdown on the Wicket dialog, to be consistent with Fielder dropdowns (#8390)
  • Reduced the number of incidents that triggered a full re-upload of the Live Scoring match to the server and thus the number of full re-downloads on internet/cloud or direct/cabled connected Readers (#3978)
  • As part of the above, changed all Match Details/Teams updates to not force a full re-upload of the match, and thus also reduce the number of full re-downloads on connected Readers (#4989)
  • Reduced the occurrence of duplicate overs getting into the server database in a few known but rare scenarios, and ran a clean-up process to remove these from Production databases (#7628)
  • Prevented the reconnect to a Read Only Match prompt from appearing on a direct Reader before the login dialog when reopening, as was messy and was preventing the Reader from always reconnecting to the correct Writer (#3265)
  • Fixed issue where the Statistics -> Match Result reports were adding Penalty points to a team’s total rather than subtracting them (#8489)
  • Fixed issue with empty Overs Remaining potentially causing the scoreboard to not update after End of Day is recorded before Start of Play (#8576)
  • Fixed issue where selecting a ball in the Ball by Ball panel would remove the displayed Fielding data, if only a Ground Field event and a Wagon Wheel had been recorded when opening or reloading a match (#8586)
  • Fixed issue where the fielding position on a ball set via the Detailed Fielding Event dialog was being overridden by the default Wagon Wheel fielding position, when only a single Ground Field event existed (#8588)
  • Fixed issue where a new batsman who was at the crease without facing a ball while two wickets fell, and was then manually swapped to Striker (i.e., Batsmen Crossed applied afterwards), would drop to an incorrect batting position (#5265)
  • Fixed issue where the WASP Projections or Probabilities in Shortened Matches were sometimes different between Match Centre/Streaming Overlays and NV Play Cricket/Scoreboard displays (#7454)
  • Fixed automatic clean-up of old fixtures when syncing database and prevented additional updates once they become a live match (#8644)
  • Fixed issue where selecting a ball in the Ball by Ball panel would remove the displayed Fielding data, if only a Ground Field event and a Wagon Wheel had been recorded when opening or reloading a match (#8586 and #871 re PW crashes)
  • Fixed issue where a critical error crash would result after creating a new Team, using Create New Player to add a player to the squad, and then edit that player to add another one (#8712)
  • Fixed issues caused by the set Windows region enforcing the use of commas instead of decimal points, e.g., no recording of ball clips, incorrect scores in DLS matches, and a crash when opening Screen Settings (#8400, #8402, #8407)
  • Fixed issue in non-Auto Start Ball mode where partially scored/coded balls would get synced with the server if a Force Full Upload occurred before it was committed, which also caused subsequent sync issues (#3650)
  • Fixed issue where a manual change (via the dropdown list) of the Striker on the first ball of an innings, to a batsman other than the Non-Striker, then the original Striker incorrectly becomes the Non-Striker (#8917)
  • Fixed issue when an incorrect Batting Order was caused by clicking Swap Batsmen and selecting Yes, Batsmen Crossed after scoring the wicket on the last ball of an over (#8990)
  • Fixed issue when manually returning a Retired Not Out batsman (including after batting for second time under #1225) would add any subsequent runs to their first innings rather than their second innings (#9089)


Collaborative Scoring

  • Added new Auto Score function, which Support Scorers and Video Analysts can turn on to just take the Live Scorer’s scoring data for their own version of the match, and not have to score themselves (#4963)
  • Prevented a direct/cabled Reader from being disconnected when going back to Open Match from Local Network, thus also preventing the Read Only Updates prompt appearing, as the connection has not been lost (#3259)


Replay Screen/Scoreboard

  • Added automatic updating of scoreboard Output file locations if the user changes their default storage location for match folders, which previously resulted in missing XML files requiring a manual update of the file path (#8562)
  • Fixed issue where changing the Screen Settings -> Fonts -> Style back to System would not revert the Main Scoreboard to this display, and sometimes not retain the System setting on clicking Save (#7689)
  • Fixed issue where a Force Full Upload/Download would overwrite the Style setting on a connected reader, and cause some Slide Control slides not to update with new scoring data, requiring a re-start of the reader (#7691)


Competition/Match Centres

  • Added social media sharing icons for the easy sharing of video clips to Facebook and Twitter (#4716)
  • Applied previous live streaming full-screen overlay improvements to the Stats tab, e.g., adjusted the axis scales, changed Run Rate graph to start at 0,0, etc (#8466)


Match Portal

  • Fixed issue when loading a sequence of ball clips but changing to another sequence before the first ball had finished playing would still play that ball, but with the new (incorrect) score overlay (#7306



  • Fixed issue when the Live Streaming overlay and the Match Centre would not update immediately if the WASP Par Score was changed during a match, whereas the Score Summary and Replay Screen/Scoreboard would (#7612)



  • Added ability for different collaborative users to work on/import Continuous Captured videos for different parts of the Match at the same time (#8742)
  • Allowed Tools -> Configuration -> Video Capture -> Auto Detect and Advanced Settings to be active for Reader users who access but do not capture video, so that these functions are available to them (#8484)
  • Updated the Import Video process and dialog options to better handle non-.mp4 file formats, e.g., when needing to re-encode .mov files, this is now enforced by a default Convert video file -> Re-encode video file radio button (#8599)
  • Added a conversion fix to force a positive height value to prevent Video File with transparency causing the live video to display upside-down in the Video Display window (#8309)
  • Increased the No Video Signal tolerance to 1,000ms to reduce the frequency of these messages appearing in Video Display and on live streams when dropouts occur on unreliable networks (#8698)
  • Added the elapsed and total time of a ball clip to the Video Player, for general reference but also to assist with calculating any required offset (#7196)
  • Added additional logging to identify why the Media Looks licencing sometimes fails to initiate, resulting in their logo appearing on any video feed (#9069)
  • Fixed issue where, after exiting Edit mode and scrolling back to a much earlier ball clip, right-clicking on the start of the ball clip would cause the Video Timeline to jump back to the start of the Continuous clip (#8384)
  • Fixed issue where a forced full upload would change the Video flag from NO to YES, on an internet connected Reader and in web-admin, if ball clips had been recorded locally but not yet uploaded (#8597)
  • Fixed issue where importing a .cri file when the match is not already in the local database clears the HasVideo and HasBallVideo flags, preventing access to remote video (#8869)
  • Fixed issue where there was no audio when connecting to a Network Stream from a Blackmagic Ultra Studio 3G device (#7941)
  • Fixed issue where ball clips would not be created from a Blackmagic Ultra Studio 3G device when Continuous capture is active (#7943)


Live Streaming

  • Added a full-screen Match Summary overlay, showing the top batting and bowling performance(s) in each innings, to the auto sequence when in breaks, and also included as appropriate in highlights packages (#6554)
  • Added support for automatic switching of the selected camera at the end of each over, which can be enabled in the new Multi-Cam Switching Settings under Tools -> Configuration -> Video Capture (#7662 & 8528)
  • Improved manual replays by setting the last ball’s start time as the beginning of the replay as the default, and added Ball Replay and Ball Replay (Slow-mo) to the button dropdown, Streaming Overlays Controls, and Slide Control (#8684)
  • Added support for Multi-Cam Instant Replays, set via Tools -> Configuration -> Live Streaming, with the ability for user to select different replay angles (#8851)
  • Added a Multi-Cam Video Display panel so that non-selected video inputs can be previewed before switching to one of these while live streaming or video capture (#8850)
  • Improved timing when switching between the auto sequence and manual use of full-screen cards, to minimise the occurrence of manual cards not displaying for the intended duration (#6920)
  • Integrated manual, Stalker, or Hawkeye ball speed data into overlay graphics, for individual balls as a pop-up badge, by over on the new end of over card, and included in Auto/with Cards sequences and buttons to display manually (#7962)
  • Improved the Tools -> Configuration -> Live Streaming dialog by hiding or disabling non-applicable options and settings depending on the selected Streaming Service (#8604)
  • General overlay improvements, including allowing longer bowler names, shortening the match situation in certain scenarios, addressing issue where sometimes the baseline overlay would fall off the bottom of the screen, etc (#8494)
  • General team logo improvements, including placing/sizing within the circle on full screen overlays, graphs, custom messages, etc (#7018)
  • Fixed issue where videos being played into a reader stream would end early if the Live Scorer added players to the teams or a Force Full Download was done on the reader (#6904)
  • Fixed issue where clicking Start Live Stream after playing a milestone to a scoreboard output would cause NV Play Cricket to crash (#7399)
  • Fixed issue where live streaming overlays would display the previous match’s data until a ball was scored (#8973)
  • Fixed issue where an embedded live stream would temporarily remove itself from the Match Centre between Start Play and scoring the first ball (#8989)


Video Package Manager

  • Added ability to delete single or multiple packages for an individual match from the Match Portal (#8488)
  • The automatic download of cloud clips is now always applied when creating a package, to prevent a live stream stalling when these are not downloaded prior to playing the package into the stream (#8443)
  • Improved the publishing and sharing messaging by renaming the dropdown menu item as ‘Upload and Share’ and the dialog message as ‘Share Video Package URL’ (#8554)
  • Increased the minimum duration of Match, Day, Innings, and Last Session highlights packages to avoid situation where the combined display time of inserted overlays and pre-rolls was greater than the previous minimum durations (#8572)
  • Prevented packages from failing to publish in rare situations, e.g., when match does not exist on the server, all included video clips were manually inserted, or no local thumbnails for clips exist (#8529)
  • Changed the dialog when downloading video clips when creating a highlights package, from ‘Downloading 1 of 1’ to ‘Checking Video Format’ if clips need downloading (#8503)
  • Fixed issue where the Publish button could be incorrectly disabled, so now confirmed to only be so when videos from multiple matches exist in the package, the user is not logged in or is a Local Scorer, or the match does not exist on the server (#8518)


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