NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v4.1.5 Release Notes (14 Oct 2021)

General Scoring

  • Added support for multiple Super Overs (up to a maximum of 7 per team) in tied matches, with consequent updates to displayed information throughout PCS, Match Centre, Replay Screen/Scoreboard, and Live Streaming overlays, etc (#4859), and also tidy-ups of the situation/innings break/lead or trail by display, etc (#9163)
  • When a nominated 12th Man is selected as a Concussion Substitute, they will now be automatically un-nominated as the 12th Man, so that they immediately appear in the batting list (#5416)
  • Added a ‘Lock Ends’ function to Pitch Map, so when enabled the diagram remains as it is now (with the stumps at the top), but when OFF the diagram flips 180 degrees (so the stumps are at the bottom), and the labels update accordingly (#4228)
  • Added more types of unhandled exception errors and Windows Application event logs from the previous 24 hours to Diagnostics reports for better support issue investigation (#8730)


Collaborative Scoring

  • Fixed issue where a connected Reader would not update the score, scoreboard, or streaming overlays while a Broadcast Message dialog was open on it (#8954)


Replay Screen/Scoreboard

  • Restricted the number of batsmen ever displayed on the Batting card to the Match Type -> Batsmen per Team value, but if non-batting Players who aren’t the nominated 12th Man are selected to bat, they will appear (#9256)



  • Added support for Continuous capture across an entire match rather than tying these to individual innings (#8825)
  • General improvements to the popup Video Player, including updated buttons, simplified controls, added some tooltips, and improved the scrub bar along the bottom (#5071)
  • Fixed issue where scrubbing or live scrubbing a ball would sometimes lead to a very short duration being displayed, due to this being done multiple times in quick succession (#7701)
  • Fixed issue where clips would become lumpy when live scrubbed to current time in the timeline (#7669)


Match Centre/Portal

  • Improved the display of match start times according to the viewer’s time zone, including for example the display of “(+1 day)” if ahead of the match’s local time zone and a tool tip identifying the start time and venue’s time zone. Start Time Description is no longer required for overseas matches but can be used if desired (#6853)
  • Added support to display multi-day matches over non-consecutive days on the Live tab in-between the playing days, mainly for recreational cricket, with logic to hide such matches if they are not in a break and there has been no update for two days (#8165)
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