Common Questions about Mobile Scoring

Ready to get scoring with NV Play Cricket Scorer but not sure about something?  We've gathered together some of the most common questions below to help you get going.

Getting started

Where do I download the NV Play Cricket Scorer app?

NV Play Cricket Scorer is a powerful cricket scoring solution designed for mobile and tablet usage.  It is available in the Apple Appstore and Google Play via the links below.

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

NV Play officially supports the two most recent major versions of iOS (currently iOS14+) and all versions of Android from 8.0 Oreo up.


How do I get a login to access the app?

NV Play Cricket Scorer is part of the wider NV Play Cricket platform, and an NV Play login is required to access the app and access fixtures to score.  This login is typically provided by your National Governing Body as part of their agreement with us.

As we role out the NV Play Cricket Scorer app to new countries and territories, we will update the scorer registration links below:



Do I need an internet connection to score a match?

Yes and no.  Your device needs to be connected to the internet to log in to the NV Play Cricket Scorer app, and to access your list of upcoming fixtures.  You also need to be connected to start a match.

Beyond this, you can score a match offline (with no internet connection) but please note that your match will not be live scored and viewable via the NV Play Match Centres.  You can also not take advantage of any of the collaborative scoring capabilities of the NV Play platform such as end of over score checks.

If you do score a match offline, it will be uploaded once you are back online & will become visible at this point.



How do I ensure I have enough battery power to score my match?

Please ensure that your mobile device is fully charged the night before or morning of your match and that all other apps are closed to reduce battery usage while scoring.

Loading and accessing fixtures

I'm logged in, but I can't see my matches?

Fixtures are only visible to users that are part of the participating clubs or organisations.  Regional Administrators will also have permissions to access them. 

If you cannot see an expected fixture, please check that you are logged into the correct NV Play account & that your account is attached to the correct club.

Please contact your Regional Administrator if your account is not set up correctly, or you have confirmed it is correct but still can not see your expected fixtures.


My pre-season friendly isn't listed in my upcoming Fixtures?

All fixtures need to be created in advance before the start of the season by Regional Administrators.  If your friendly is not an official fixture it may be that it has not been created.

Please contact your Regional Administrator if you need to get a fixture set up.  Alternatively, you can create matches in the NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer desktop/laptop client.


Why can I see all Fixtures for my club, and not just the one I want? 

As your NV Play login attaches you as a scorer to your club, and not just your team, you will see all of your club's fixtures listed on the Fixtures page, not just the one for your team. We will be introducing the ability to filter these Fixtures in the near future, but in the meantime take care to select your team's specific fixture on match day! 

Starting a fixture to score a match

What do I do after selecting my fixture? 

After selecting your fixture, the NV Play Cricket Scorer app will open a Match Details page, that provides the same match information as on the Fixtures list, but importantly allows you to check the Match Type settings via the See details link. There is also a dropdown list from which an alternative, pre-defined Match Type can be selected IF the original Match Type on the fixture is incorrect. This should ONLY be used in this scenario, otherwise tap Next at the top right to continue. 


How do I add players to both teams playing in the match?

After a team's first match has been live scored, the NV Play Cricket Scorer app will automatically load the players from the previous match on the Team Selection page. For the first match of the season you will need to manually assign all players to the team by using Add Player which will give you access to all players with the club. Multi-select the players you require for the match and Save.

Players can also be moved into their likely batting position by highlighting them and using the up/down arrows on the left. After selecting the correct players for both teams, including their Captain and Wicketkeeper via the Edit pencil on the right, tap Next at top right to progress to the scoring panel. 

NB: If you cannot see a player on the Add Player list that you know exists, it may be because they play for a second club and a Regional Administrator has assigned them to the other club. Please contact your Regional Administrator if you think you have encountered this scenario. 


I am now prompted to start the fixture in one of three ways, what does this mean? 

A fixture can indeed be scored in one of three ways.

Live Scorer means that you are the primary/only (home) scorer for the match, have an internet connection, and will be uploading ball-by-ball data to drive the online Match Centre scorecard.

Support Scorer means that you are the secondary (away) scorer for the match, have an internet connection, and who can participate in end of over score checks with the Live Scorer (if these are enabled by both Live and Support Scorers).

Finally, the Save locally to score later option allows you to save the match locally to be used later. We strongly recommend using this feature if you expect internet coverage to unavailable on match day so you can start and score the match when offline. The match can the be uploaded later as Live Scorer once you are back online.

Select either Live Scorer or Support Scorer to begin scoring a match while online immediately, or Save locally to score later to then access the match via the Matches menu option. 


Scoring a Match

How do I score a match?

After starting the fixture, the NV Play Cricket Scorer app will open the scoring page with a Confirm Toss prompt. Tap on the Toss won by team (or the Uncontested checkbox) and their Toss decision to select the appropriate radio buttons, then tap Save. Next, use the dropdowns and select the appropriate players on the Confirm Striker/Non-Striker/Bowler prompt at the start of play, and tap Done. When play is ready to begin, tap the large Start Play button and the scoring panel will become active, ready for each ball to be scored according to the number of runs. Use the light blue buttons to enter runs scored off the bat (and tap END if Auto End Balls is OFF).

When scoring extras, if Auto End Balls is ON tap the appropriate green button first and then enter the number of runs (note that a standard wide or no ball where the batters don't also run will add the number of runs awarded for a wide or no ball, as per the Match Type), but if Auto End Balls is OFF then the number of runs can be entered first then the type of extras selected, before tapping END to score the ball. A long tap/hold on the 4 or 6 button will score the ball as 4 runs (All Run) or 6 runs (All Run), automatically if Auto End Balls is ON and with the usual END confirmation if Auto End Balls is OFF. A tool tip will appear the first time this is done, thereafter the long/tap hold on either button will score the ball without this, and not count the 4 or 6 as a boundary scored by the Batter. 

Use the Penalty button to select the Law that has been broken from the dropdown list, confirm the Runs Awarded and other details, and tap Save to award the penalty runs. Use the Wicket button to select the Player dismissed, Dismissal Type, Primary Fielder (if appropriate), and Fielding Position (this is not mandatory) from the dropdowns, tick the Batters Crossed checkbox if required, and tap Save to enter the dismissal. 

When required, tap the Play State: In Play status to open the Add Break list and select the appropriate break from the list (tap on either its name or radio button), and tap Done at top right, which will update the Match Centre so that online followers are aware of any break in play. When play resumes, tap the Start Play button as per at the start of the match/innings. Breaks can also be added via the Actions button, but more importantly this menu provides other options, including View Batting Order, View Scorecard, Revised Overs/Target/DLS, End Over (for when an over needs to be ended manually, e.g., when only five balls are bowled), and End Innings


How do I customise the scoring process to my personal preferences? 

The NV Play Cricket Scorer app includes the ability to customise six settings to your scoring preferences, which can be accessed via the Slide Out Menu at the top left and the App Settings page. These options include:

  • Auto End Overs - NO means a prompt will appear after the 6th legitimate ball of an over is scored asking if you wish to end the over or not
  • Auto End Balls - NO means that you have to tap END after entering the scoring data for each ball
  • Show Wagon Wheels - NO means that this will not appear for coding after scoring each ball
  • Bowler Confirmation - sets this prompt via the dropdown to None, First Two Overs, or Every Over
  • Batter Confirmation - sets this prompt via the dropdown to None, Every Wicket, or Every Wicket/Innings Start
  • End of Over Checks - NO means that these will not appear even when another scorer is connected to the match and they have theirs set to YES (they will still get them, but you won't)

After making your selections, tap Close at the top-left to return to the Scoring page. Re-open the App Settings page to change any of these selections at any time. 


I've made an error, so how do I perform various edits in the app?

There are a number of ways to edit any scoring errors, as well as make other types of edits. A simple scoring error on the previous ball can be re-entered by tapping the Undo button, YES to the prompt re deleting the previous ball, and re-scoring it. Alternatively, tap on any ball of the current over in the This Over section to open Edit mode, make the required changes, and tap Done.

Previous overs can be viewed by tapping on Ball by Ball at the top right and balls edited by tapping on the required ball and selecting Edit Ball, which will return you to the scoring page in Edit mode to complete the change as above. If you have only viewed the Ball by Ball page, tap Scoring at the top right to return to the Scoring page. 

Other types of edits can be made by tapping on either of the two batters or the current bowler. Tapping on a batter gives these four options:

  • Swap Striker - for when the wrong batter is on-strike, e.g. because Batters Crossed wasn't ticked on a preceding Wicket. Note that the Auto Correct prompt will open, so tap Yes - Batters Crossed
  • Retire Batter - for when either retires Not Out or Out, so select the appropriate options and tap Done
  • Change Batter - for when the wrong batter has been selected at the start of their innings, so use the Select Batter list to change them to the correct batter, and Yes to the prompt that follows
  • Edit Details - allows you to change the Short Name (for coming scoreboard output) and change/enter a Shirt Number, then tap Done

Tapping on the current bowler gives these two options:

  • Change Bowler - for when the wrong bowler has been selected for the current over OR a bowler is replaced part-way through an over. Use the Select Bowler list to change them to the correct bowler, then on the prompt that appears tap YES if you want to change the bowler for the whole over (i.e., including any balls already scored) or NO if you only want to change the bowler for the remainder of the over (i.e., the original bowler has been injured or suspended for bowling no balls)
  • Edit Details - allows you to change the Short Name (for coming scoreboard output) and change/enter a Shirt Number, then tap Done

If you need to edit a ball (or balls) in an earlier innings, tap on the current Innings # at top left and select the required previous innings from the list that appears, then perform the required edit(s) as above. Once finished, tap the big Select Latest Innings button to return to the current innings (or re-select it from the Innings # list). 


Changing scorers and scoring roles

The current Live Scorer now needs to field or bat. How do we change the Live Scorer?

Another scorer with the correct permissions can take over on another device as Live Scorer so that a game can continue to be live scored if player-scorers are involved.

To do this, the current Live Scorer should close the match (via the top left Slide Out Menu) then log out of the app, and the new Live Scorer should login to the app and open the match from the Matches page. When they do so, they will be alerted to the fact that another scorer is currently the Live Scorer, when the match was last updated, etc, and asking them to confirm that they wish to takeover as Live Scorer. The new Live Scorer should then tap the Open as Live Scorer button at the bottom, and continue the match scoring as usual.

NB: You must have internet access to take over as Live Scorer on another device. If you are scoring offline then you will need to use a single device for the match. 




Help and Support

Where do I get Help and Support?

This document can be accessed from within the NV Play Cricket Scorer app via the Help Slide Out menu at top left, clicking Help to expand the menu further, and then selecting Access Support Documents

In addition, registered scorers can contact Cricket Ireland directly at


How do I report a crash or other issue?

In the rare event that the NV Play Cricket Scorer app crashes, or you experience an issue beyond just scoring data errors, go to the top left Slide Out Menu and tap Help to expand the menu further and select Report an Issue. On the page that opens, please add a brief Subject and then Please describe your issue, with as much information as you can provide on what you were doing in the app at the time of the crash or issue. Once completed, tap Send at the top right to send us all the information and error logs from your device, then we can start investigating the cause of the problem. 


How do I resolve outdated/incorrect Match Centre scorecard data?

If you notice that the live Match Centre scorecard is not up-to-date/has incorrect data compared to your mobile app AND you are the Live Scorer, you can now tap on the "Connected" icon at the bottom of the Slide Out Menu (and, on tablets, at the top-right of the main screen) and select the Force Full Upload option on the new menu that appears. This option re-uploads the entire match to update the live Match Centre scorecard to the latest information and thus match what is shown in the mobile app. 

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