NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v5.0.1 Release Notes (21 Mar 2022)

General Scoring

  • Added yellow highlights to Striker, Non-Striker, and Bowler fields when these are not set, with unconfirmed players shown in italics, and improved the workflow relative to each other and the Start Play process (#9756)
  • Added support for Countdown Cricket matches to be entered via the new Scoring -> Scorecard/Totals Only Entry function, e.g., to show only ‘Balls’ rather than ‘Overs’, etc (#9469)
  • Updated the Power Play display and table (for shortened matches) in Women’s ODIs due to the change in Playing Conditions that removed the Batting Power Play, and prevented the display of PP2 & PP3 in these matches as Women’s ODIs only have PP1, the first 10 overs (#8406)
  • Improved the performance of Statistics -> Excel Reports in the new installer environment, as these were sometimes failing to open for some users due to a permissions conflict (#9880)
  • Fixed issue where the Statistics -> Match Scorecard was showing the Team Sheet rather than Scorecard if there was only one innings specified in Scorecard Only mode (#9862)


Match Centre/Portal

  • Fixed issue where the bowler’s analysis was displaying the total value of the wides bowled instead of just the number of wides bowled (#8693)


Stats Wizard

  • Added the ability to output a ball-by-ball CSV on a ball-by-ball basis in Auto Start Ball or Video Capture mode, via a new Tools -> Configuration -> General section, for third party integrations, e.g., Tableau (#8121)
  • Added a magenta colour highlight to Wicket balls, and always show these ‘on top’, on Wagon Wheel, Ball Arrival, and the Hawkeye/Virtual Eye Pitch Map. Also added to Statistics -> Batting/Bowling Reports (#4620)



  • Changed the IP Camera -> Search approach to scan for all camera IP Addresses on the same network so that multiple IP Cameras are discovered, rather than just the first camera/IP Address found (#9737)


Live Streaming

  • Improved the sending of ball speed data from a Live Scorer/Video Analyst with a Speed Radar attached (or manually entering) for quicker display in score overlays on a Reader machine that is live streaming (#8727)
  • Fixed issue where the Streaming Server Address details would not automatically load when You Tube was selected as the Live Streaming Service and could not be manually entered (#9876)
  • Fixed issue where any watermark (top left) or product logo (top right) would disappear after an Auto Replay (#9786)



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