NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v5.0.4 Release Notes (19 May 2022)

General Scoring

  • Improved the return to previous over process by changing the prompt to Unend Over and Delete (the last) Ball as well, but with the options to only Unend Over or Cancel (#9798)
  • Added a Windows Registry fix to the PCS Pro installer to overcome a Windows issue affecting some users that caused SQL Server Local Database to not install correctly, so the fix prevents this issue occurring (#10222)
  • Fixed issue where a No Result would be correctly calculated but the associated points were not awarded if the match was ended without an innings created or after that but when the players did not take the field (#8898)
  • Fixed issue where the Last 5 Overs value would be incorrect if balls in the 5th over of the sequence are deleted, and the value wasn’t corrected when re-scoring these balls until the next over was started (#9839)
  • Fixed issue where removing a created 4th innings when a match ends before play resumes was incorrectly auto-calculating the Match Result and consequently awarding incorrect points (#10281)
  • Fixed issue where PCS Pro would crash when opening Tools -> Configuration as it was searching for previously connected USB-Serial devices (#10289)
  • Fixed issue where Auto Capture would stop working after Undo to return to the previous over was used, but Cancel on the prompt was then clicked (#10329)


Collaborative Scoring

  • Fixed issue in Auto Score mode where a Video Analyst’s Keeper Up/Around the Wicket settings would be overridden by the Live Scorer’s in a specific timing sequence (#10284)


Replay Screen/Scoreboard

  • Fixed issue in the XML output where the batter’s contribution to the partnership values were the wrong way around if the Scoreboard -> Keep incoming player in same position as outgoing configuration option was enabled (#10316)


Stats Wizards

  • Added Legal Ball, Actual Ball, Free Hit, and Partnership Number columns to all CSV exports and Cumulative Batter Balls, Cumulative Batter Runs, Bowling Spell, Bowling Over in Spell, Batter Coming in Over, Run Rate at Start (of ball), Run Rate at End (of ball), Req Run Rate at Start (of ball), and Req Run Rate After (that ball) to all CSV exports except from Multi-Match Stats Wizard (#10265)
  • Fixed issue where a LHB would be shown on Ball Arrival, Pitch Map, and Wagon Wheel as a RHB if they were Run Out without facing a ball when the Striker was a RHB, and related tidy-ups (#9707)
  • Fixed issue where the Generate Report CSV export did not include the numbers for Wicket Types, and other minor related tidy-ups, including adding a date/time prefix to the filename for consistency with other reports (#8932)


Live Streaming

  • Improved the fallback behaviour when the maximum number of NVIDIA encoding sessions (three) is encountered when multi-streaming, so that excess streams will automatically use Intel or Software encoding (#10163)
  • Updated default buffer settings for improving IP camera Video Input on less reliable networks (#10364)




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