NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v5.0.5 Release Notes (8 Jun 2022)

General Scoring

  • Fixed issue where NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer would crash after a double retirement was entered on the same ball (#10072)

Stats Wizards

  • Fixed issue where the match CSV export would still show an incorrect Winning and Losing Team is an auto-calculated Match Result (win/loss) was changed to Match Drawn (#10320)

Match Centre/Portal

  • Updated the Statistics tab to display “Batters” under the Wagon Wheel subheading (#9978)
  • Fixed issue where the widget would fail to load in the case of bad data being received, e.g., a Batter who was linked to a Wicket but not in the server version of the match (#9041)
  • Fixed issue where Penalty Runs added to a previous innings would sometimes cause a caching issue when loading the Scorecard, resulting in an incorrect total score being displayed (#10370)

Video Capture

  • Added a warning prompt when attempting to close a match (or open another one) that still has a Continuous capture video file being processed to the database, which resulted in it not showing on the Video Timeline (#9953)
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