Webinar: Live Streaming and Video Capture with NV Play

Please watch the below video recording of a June 2022 Webinar on Live Streaming and Video Capture.

Although the webinar was delivered using the Play Cricket Scorer Pro PREVIEW version of the NV Play software, the features and functions are the same for the NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer versions used outside of the United Kingdom. Please also see the Answers to Questions that were asked on the Webinar Chat below. 




  • When setting up an event on YouTube - do you recommend the Auto stop/start function. Tried it this weekend and it seemed as if the stream finished YouTube side as soon as the internet upload cut out and then wouldn't restart when we restarted the stream.
    • We would recommend against this for the reason mentioned. If your internet connection drops during the Live Stream, YouTube may auto-stop the stream. Given it is only one extra key-stroke to click ‘Start Live Stream’ we’d still recommend doing this manually as part of your normal process.



  • Can you stream a game onto two YouTube channels (i.e. each team’s YouTube channel) from one laptop?
    • Unfortunately, this is not possible with recreational live streaming.


  • Do you recommend a delay in the stream? (In YouTube settings)
    • This was answered by another attendee and would echo our thoughts: “You will always have some lag between actual and Live Stream appearing on YouTube depending on Internet speed.  I have superb 70 Mbps upload speeds and the lag is still around 3+ balls. So, I wouldn't add any more delay, notably if folk watch the YouTube stream inside your pavilion.” We would also note that adding a delay to the live stream (and thus its overlays) may also cause viewer confusion if they are also following the Match Centre, and especially if the live stream is embedded in the Match Centre


  • I'm at a cricket club with members that aren't the most tech savvy, is there a fool proof guide on how to score on PCSP/Streaming instructions?


  • Is there a limit on how many sponsorship pictures/clips you can show on the overlays? E.g. on wickets etc?
    • There is no limit.



  • Why is the branding locked on the highlights packages?
    • Club or sponsor branded messaging can be added throughout a highlights package by right-clicking on any video clip, selecting Insert Before or Insert After, and browsing to the required file


  • Where do the highlights get uploaded to - somewhere in the Play-Cricket Match Centre I presume?
    • Uploaded ball clip video highlights (4s, 6s, Wickets, and Milestones) are published automatically on the Play-Cricket Match Centre scorecard and videos tab, while a highlights package generated using the Video Package Manager can be published to the top of the Match Centre by using the Create Package -> Publish option (or saved separately and uploaded to You Tube, Facebook, and club websites, etc


  • Is there any way to use Match Centre when Live Streaming via a second machine on local network?
    • A Live Streaming laptop that is separate from the Live Scoring laptop can open the match in Read Only mode and live stream as usual, with the score overlays generated by the Live Scorer’s scoring. The live stream can then be embedded in the Play Cricket Match Centre as usual.


  • Audio has not been mentioned. is it easy to add audio to the stream?
    • Yes, it is. Go to Tools -> Configuration -> Video Capture -> Audio Settings and select the External Audio Source dropdown to select the plugged-in microphone from the dropdown list and click Save. If you wish to add a microphone to your IP Camera, please contact Phil King.



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