NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v4.0.6 Release Notes (31 May 2021)

General Scoring

  • Improved the process for entering the Play Resumption time, e.g., users no longer have to include the AM or PM when manually typing this in, which was defaulting to the current time instead and not saving on re-opening dialog (#8356)
  • Improved the end of first innings by rain process, by changing the Innings Note to “Innings ended early at XY.Z overs” and adding a warning dialog when deleting the end of innings reduction, as this may impact on DLS calculations (#8370)
  • Changed ‘leads by’ to ‘lead by’ on Match Centre, Status Bar, and Score Overlays to be consistent with ‘trail by’ and to read better when batting team name ends in an ‘s’, e.g., “Yorkshire Diamonds leads by X” sounds horrible (#8431)
  • Added a warning to the Stalker Radar Configuration that the radar must be connected to a scorer or video analyst who is not using Auto Start Ball (#8319)
  • Added user notifications that the speed radar end has not been set when adding radar after the start of the match or an in-progress match without radar configured is opened (#8345)
  • Improved the end of innings “Resumption Time” pop-up sequence so that various dialog boxes don’t overlap and appear in the correct order in all scenarios, including ending before maximum overs, follow-on, etc (#8185)
  • Improved the Speed Radar manual entry process, e.g. Enter or Tab will commit the speed, keypad can be hidden using the Settings option, Speed included in Stats Wizard CSV export, and if Hawkeye data is available, this is not editable (#8092)
  • Retained the Columns menu as open when accessing by right-clicking in the Ball by Ball panel and using show/hide on a column, as when accessing this from the Settings cog, and added the new Speed column to all default layouts (#8210)
  • Added a warning prompt if Windows Time Service cannot be started, to manually sync laptop times so that all collaborative scoring functions (e.g., Auto-Replays) work as best as possible, and prevented crash when WTS not installed (#8233)
  • Added prompt to enable or run Windows Time Service if it is disabled or not installed, with option to hide the dialog on subsequent launches (#8248)
  • Added Day and Session number (#8246) and Team Runs and Team Wickets columns to CSV exports (#8247)
  • Added Player shirt numbers, when available and by default, to the Wicket dialog dropdowns and the Detailed Fielding Events dialog (#7838)
  • Added a Wagon Wheel -> Settings option “Show Fielding Positions”, defaulted to on, so that these tooltips can be turned off when hovering over the Wagon Wheel, e.g., when on lower resolution screens (#8290)
  • Prevented unnecessary live scoring syncs with server when opening and closing the Match Details/Teams dialog without making any changes (#4988)
  • Prevented window overlap issues if an Auto Replay video player opens over the top of a manually opened video player (#8359)
  • Prevented crash if an attempt to add a second advanced fielding event is added without first selecting or re-selecting a fielder or sub-fielder, with selection now mandatory (#8364)
  • Changed the approach for Bowlers figures display to prevent those displayed in Play Control occasionally being different from those displayed on Scorecard, but will need to continue monitoring (#7840)
  • Fixed issue where a dismissed batsman would sometimes appear as the Striker on the next delivery, after selecting or playing the previous ball from the Ball by Ball panel (#7679)
  • Fixed issue where X/Y mismatches in Pitchside Analytics would prevent the Compare with Server/Signoff process (#6850)
  • Fixed issue where View -> Reset to Default Layout was not re-setting customised column widths (#8183)
  • Fixed issue where players outside the number of Players per Team were credited with a Match in Player Averages and Competition Centres, while counting such players if they bat or bowl (#2749)
  • Fixed issue where player performances in Super Overs were incorrectly included in Player Averages (#7402)
  • Fixed issue where using Match Details/Teams -> Replace on a player who has been added as a Sub-Fielder converts them to a full Player (#8205)
  • Fixed issue where a Sub-Fielder added via database and selected for a catch, when the number of Players in the Team is less than the Match Type, was being added as a full Player, and added a warning prompt in this situation (#8051)
  • Fixed issue where the Toss Decision column on multi-match CSV exports was not showing ‘Bat’ decisions (#8244)
  • Fixed issue where Overs Remaining retained the bowled part-over of the previous innings (#8268)
  • Fixed issue where the mouse scroll function in the Ball by Ball panel was no longer working (#8288)
  • Fixed issue where substituting a Captain or Wicketkeeper then replacing the original would cause a critical error crash or not show the selected player in the dropdown (#6776)
  • Fixed issue where the Statistics -> Match Result reports were adding Penalty points to a team’s total rather than subtracting them (#8489)
  • Fixed issue with empty Overs Remaining potentially causing the scoreboard to not update after End of Day is recorded before Start of Play (#8576)
  • Fixed issue where selecting a ball in the Ball by Ball panel would remove the displayed Fielding data, if only a Ground Field event and a Wagon Wheel had been recorded when opening or reloading a match (#8586)
  • Fixed issue where the fielding position on a ball set via the Detailed Fielding Event dialog was being overridden by the default Wagon Wheel fielding position, when only a single Ground Field event existed (#8588)


Stats Wizard

  • Added the ability to use Wagon Wheel run sectors in conjunction with lines, by selecting the Lines/Sectors option in the new Show dropdown, or as now use the Lines or Sectors dropdown options independently (#5699)
  • Added a Speed category to the stats breakdown, showing the number of balls in the current selection and a tooltip when hovering over this with the Minimum, Maximum, and Average ball speeds (#3258)
  • Added a Lines and Sectors option (dropdown in Stats Wizard, radio button in Match Portal) to display the Wagon Wheel with both lines and sectors data, to assist analysis (#7015)
  • Improved the count and display of Balls in the associated Tooltip, which now shows Total Balls (balls with a unique ball video), Balls Faced (Total Balls minus Wides), and Legal Balls (Balls Faced minus No Balls) (#7182)
  • Fixed issue where a batsman’s run out when they were the non-Striker was not included in their dismissals, and updated related count/display of balls as per changes in #7182 (#7174)


Stalker Radar

  • Added support for automatic import of Stalker Radar data via Tools -> Configuration -> Radar for Connection Settings and integrated with the scoring process, e.g., end location of radar on Start Play, auto-switch at End of Over, etc (#7040)


Replay Screen/Scoreboard

  • Added support for Media Library images with capitalised file extensions (#8266)
  • Prevented Activations/Replays repeating when reopening a match with these are enabled (#7401) or when updating the Activation settings (#7410) and the last ball was a 4, 6, or Wicket
  • Added automatic updating of scoreboard Output file locations if the user changes their default storage location for match folders, which previously resulted in missing XML files requiring a manual update of the file path (#8562)


  • Improved the error handling for the Video Player when closing, which was causing a critical error for small number of users after extended use of Auto Replay (#8373)
  • Removed the Frame Stabilisation setting for all types of Other Devices and Cameras, due to an incompatibility that was preventing e.g., USB Cameras to load live video when this was on (#8297)
  • Added a mute/unmute button to the Video Player controls (#8353)
  • Added a prompt to enable the Convert Interlaced Video to Progressive setting when enabling NVIDIA encoding, as interlaced video is not supported on some newer NVIDIA graphics cards (#8228)
  • Improved the handling of network interruptions/disconnects (#8502) and added additional logging and improvements to support re-tries (#8251) when the uploading of Continuous video clips fail
  • Improved the quality of de-interlacing video to avoid horizontal line artefacts in the resulting Progressive video, e.g., when using a Handycam with CamLink (#8270)
  • Prevented an Imported Video from sometimes jumping back to the start in Video Timeline when entering then exiting Edit mode or reverting to the Live video feed (#7877)
  • Added a conversion fix to force a positive height value to prevent Video File with transparency causing the live video to display upside-down in the Video Display window (#8309)
  • Fixed issue where, after exiting Edit mode and scrolling back to a much earlier ball clip, right-clicking on the start of the ball clip would cause the Video Timeline to jump back to the start of the Continuous clip (#8384)


Live Streaming

  • Added support for Media Library images with capitalised file extensions (#8266)
  • Added the match situation and status to the Match Title overlay (#5610)
  • Updated the baseline overlay to emphasise overs remaining as the MINIMUM, so now displaying as Min Remaining Today (#8163)
  • Improved the user interface and operation of Auto-Replay settings, especially around the function and tool-tip wording of Ball Videos and Instant Replays, and made the latter the default option for new users (#6733)
  • Added ‘trail by/scores level/lead by’ to baseline overlays in second and third innings of four innings matches (#6327)
  • Improved streaming overlay timing process to minimise occurrences of selected overlays, e.g. No Overlay/Clean or Batting/Bowling cards, reverting to Auto/Auto with Cards after only a few seconds (#8426)
  • Improved new option in Add Live Stream to Match centre dialog to show tile graphic and link to live stream when using a YouTube or other account that does not support embedding (#4292)
  • Increased the duration of automatic Live Stream cards to 10 seconds between overs and 20 seconds during breaks (#8349)
  • Increased the character length of player names on baseline overlays before these are truncated, and preventing wrapping to second line (#8348)
  • Increased the vertical (y) axis maximum on Manhattan, Worm, and Run Rate overlays at the start of innings to better display the data then and throughout the innings (#8350)
  • Added the disabling of Auto Replays to the Transparent video source prompt when using an NDI with Alpha channel for live streaming (#8209)
  • Added a full-screen Match Summary overlay, showing the top batting and bowling performance(s) in each innings, to the auto sequence when in breaks, and also included as appropriate in highlights packages (#6554)
  • Added support for automatic switching of the selected camera at the end of each over, which can be enabled for multi-cam users in the new Multi-Cam Switching Settings under Tools -> Configuration -> Video Capture (#7662 & #8528)
  • Improved timing when switching between the auto sequence and manual use of full-screen cards, to minimise the occurrence of manual cards not displaying for the intended duration (#6920)
  • General overlay improvements, including allowing longer bowler names, shortening the match situation in certain scenarios, addressing issue where sometimes the baseline overlay would fall off the bottom of the screen, etc (#8494)
  • General team logo improvements, including placing/sizing within the circle on full screen overlays, graphs, custom messages, etc (#7018)
  • Fixed issue where images played into a 720pm stream would appear at top-left rather than as full screen (#8306)
  • Fixed issue where the Instant Replay button sometimes becoming inactive while streaming (#7938)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes there would be a flicker in the video and an audible crackle when switching between video inputs (#8363), and improved switching speed for video inputs while using ‘Copy Primary Audio’ option (#8449)
  • Fixed issue where playing a highlights package with overlays into the live stream would sometimes cause buffering when the packages and the stream were the same resolution (#8405)
  • Fixed issue where videos being played into a reader stream would end early if the Live Scorer added players to the teams or a Force Full Download was done on the reader (#6904)
  • Fixed issue where clicking Start Live Stream after playing a milestone to a scoreboard output would cause NV Play Cricket to crash (#7399)


Video Package Manager

  • Added ability to Publish highlights packages to Match Centre, Match Portal, or to upload these to generate a URL for sharing (#7148), including from Match Stats Wizard and multi-match Stats Wizard with only one match selected (#8445)
  • Added ability to delete single or multiple packages for an individual match from the Match Centre or Match Portal (#8488)
  • The automatic download of cloud clips is now always applied when creating a package, to prevent a live stream stalling when these are not downloaded prior to playing the package into the stream (#8443)
  • Improved the publishing and sharing messaging by renaming the dropdown menu item as ‘Upload and Share’ and the dialog message as ‘Share Video Package URL’ (#8554)
  • Increased the minimum duration of Match, Day, Innings, and Last Session highlights packages to avoid situation where the combined display time of inserted overlays and pre-rolls was greater than the previous minimum durations (#8572)
  • Prevented packages from failing to publish in rare situations, e.g., when match does not exist on the server, all included video clips were manually inserted, or no local thumbnails for clips exist (#8529)
  • Fixed issue where the Publish button could be incorrectly disabled, so now confirmed to only be so when videos from multiple matches exist in the package, the user is not logged in or is a Local Scorer, or the match does not exist on the server (#8518)


Competition Centre

  • Improved the Teams tab, by ordering players alphabetically by surname and adding players as soon as a toss is recorded, rather than as soon as a match is created, in case of abandonment (#7281)
  • Ordered child competitions alphabetically by display name (#8432)
  • Child competitions of the same Match Type, when Parent has Calculate Points Tables ticked, will now display by Competition Name rather than Match Type, which resulted in tables of the same name (#8425)
  • Added social media sharing icons for the easy sharing of video clips to Facebook and Twitter (#4716)
  • Applied previous live streaming full-screen overlay improvements to the Stats tab, e.g., adjusted the axis scales and changed the Run Rate graph to start at 0,0 (#8466)


Match Portal

  • Fixed issue where loading a sequence of ball clips but changing to another sequence before the first ball had finished playing would still play that ball, but with the new (incorrect) score overlay (#7306)


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