NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer v5.0.6 Release Notes (29 Jun 2022)

General Scoring

  • Improved the DLS function on Scorecard/Totals Only matches by adding a Revised Target box on the Innings 2 tab to better support shortened matches, by being able to enter the final Revised Target (#10318)
  • Moved the default location of all “_underscore” configuration folders (except “_Media”) to a local App Data location to avoid these being overwritten by OneDrive syncing, and added a one-time prompt when logging-in to NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer and OneDrive is running to recommend excluding Documents\Cricket Matches from OneDrive syncing, or disabling OneDrive altogether, with instructions provided in a Zen Desk article (#10490)
  • Improved the accuracy of NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer’s internal CPU% value (on Status Bar and in Live Video Stats), so it will now be more in line with that of the Windows Task Manager, but with differences around timing of updates (#6744)
  • Fixed issue where Pitchside Analytics fielding data would be lost if NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer had been switched back to the previous innings, as the data integration wouldn’t resume when returning to the current innings (#10482)

Video Capture

  • Added a warning prompt when attempting to close a match (or open another one) that still has a Continuous capture video file being processed to the database, which resulted in it not showing on the Video Timeline (#9953), which also resolved the same symptom when scrubbing ball clips, but these played back correctly (#9690)
  • Added improved logging to investigate why Pro Cricket Scorer sometimes returns an “invalid username and password” error when trying to connect to an IP Camera (#10299)
  • Improved the IP Camera Search function by addressing an ONVIF issue where there are incomplete device details, which would result in no devices found (#10486)
  • Added Status Bar indicators on the reliability level of network video sources (e.g., IP Cameras) and live streams to monitor for potential network issues during matches and to improve the diagnosis of lost video signal or poor video/streams. An exclamation mark will indicate timeouts, while green, orange and red icons indicate the health of the respective network connection. Additional information is available via tool tips when hovering over the icons and the Live Video Statistics panel (#10348)
  • Added network and device logging from hourly sessions as a new Health Report to Help -> View Log, including ping timeouts (number and duration) for the internet connection and IP cameras (error states and averages) and the number of times CPU has hit 100% & the duration of such instances (#10498)
  • Frame Stabilisation enabled at the Multi-Cam Controller level to reduce issues when video data is lost over a network (#10348)
  • Fixed issue where highlights packages wouldn’t save due to a mismatch in frame rates between the first and last clips, which caused an error when calculating the last frame in the package, which is required when attempting to Add Batting and Bowling Cards (#10413)

Live Streaming

  • Improvements to the Video Display -> Restart Overlay Engine function to further minimise occurrences of the score overlays not displaying (#10515)
  • Added additional logging to identify the cause of Images or Videos only briefly showing when played into a live stream, outside of existing behaviour of Start Ball/Clip being clicked to ensure the next ball is shown in the stream (#10543)

Speed Radar

  • Improved behaviour of the Speed Radar ‘test mode’ so that this can be enabled at effectively any time, except when coding a ball, so that it can be verified that it is sending data and NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer is receiving that data (#10494)


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