Manually Coded Pitch Map Coordinates

As part of NV Play’s drive to capture more objective high-performance data, the v8.7.0 release of NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/ Play-Cricket Scorer Pro includes a change to how manually coded Pitch Map data is displayed. Previously, such data was simply grouped in each Line & Length square, so it did not matter exactly where in a grid square the mouse was clicked to place the ball. Consequently, the ball was snapped to the middle of the selected grid square and this square’s name was shown in the Ball by Ball -> Line/Length column and no data was shown in the right-hand Pitch Map diagram in Stats Wizards.

As from the v8.7.0 release, PCS/Pro will now capture the specific x,y coordinates of where the mouse was clicked to place each ball (in the same format as the Hawk-Eye and Virtual Eye coordinates), which means that:

  • the Pitch Map coding panel is more accurate, and the size of the ball has been reduced to assist this accuracy
  • the Pitch Map x,y coordinate data (in metres) can be displayed in two Ball by Ball panel columns, Line (m) and Length (m), selectable from the Settings menu if not shown by default
  • the Pitch Map diagrams on the right-hand side of Stats Wizards will now show manually coded x,y coordinate data, and can be filtered as usual with the box drawing tool
  • the Pitch Map x,y coordinate data will be included in live and Stats Wizard .csv exports



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