Match Folder, Backup/Restore Match, and Live Match Upload Options

Before using NV Play Cricket, users should confirm where the match data and video will be saved on their laptop, whether automatic backups will be saved during the match (which enables a match to be restored to a previous state), and how often the match is uploaded to the server and match centre.


To do this, go to the Tools -> Configuration -> General tab to open this dialog:




The Match Folder file path will be default set to C:\Users\[username]\Doucments\Cricket Matches, but if required the Browse button can be used to set a different location. All matches are automatically saved to the local SQL database in its latest state, so for example a live match will re-open at its latest state after NV Play Cricket has been closed.


The Automatically backup Match every Over/Wicket/Break in Play checkbox will be ticked by default, which saves the match data at those specific points. This option allows the live match to be restored to an earlier state, for example because several errors have been made that will take a long time (and/or cause too much stress!) to rectify while play continues. To do this, go to File -> Restore Match Version, highlight the most recent Backup Date/Time that corresponds to when the match was last correct, click Restore and then Continue on the warning prompt that appears:






The match will be restored to that state, ready for scoring to continue.


If Automatically backup Match every Over/Wicket/Break in Play is not required and thus unticked, the live match can still be manually saved at any point. To do this, go to File -> Backup Current Match, which will take a few seconds then result in a confirmation prompt:




Finally, the Live Match Upload frequency will be default set to Every Ball/Event, but select the corresponding radio button if a Manual, Every Over/Wicket/Break in Play, or automated Every X Minutes frequency is required, for example if the internet connection is weak or intermittent, or ball-by-ball live scoring is not required. If the Manual option is selected, the status bar at the bottom of the main screen will show the Scoring Sync Status as Upload Required when there is new data to be uploaded, which is done by clicking on the adjacent double-headed arrow:




When this process is complete, the Scoring Sync Status will show Up To Date, until there is new data to upload again. Repeat this process as required during the match, but otherwise the match saving/backup and live scoring upload process is automatic.


Once all these options are set to the user’s preference, click OK to save them and close the Configuration dialog. These settings will be retained when closing and re-opening NV Play Cricket, so they only need to be changed if the user’s requirements change.

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