System and Hardware Requirements

This document details the operating system and hardware specifications required to run, and get the best performance from, NV Play Cricket. The document should be read prior to reading the Installing NV Play Cricket and Anti-Virus Tips for NV Play Cricket documents.


Operating System

NV Play Cricket is a Microsoft Windows application developed on the Windows10 platform, and we recommend that it is used on a desktop or laptop running Windows10 Professional. While the application will operate fully on Windows10 Home, this does prevent connecting to an IT Domain, which may not be suitable for some users. However, either Windows10 systems will give the best performance and, in particular, deliver all parts of its unique collaborative scoring feature. Unfortunately, NV Play Cricket does not run on Windows10S.

The application will also operate on Windows8.1, but certain features or functions may be limited, and this may worsen over time as we add more features and/or Microsoft begins to withdraw development and support for this system. Indeed, as Windows7 and Windows8 are no longer supported by Microsoft and some parts of NV Play Cricket’s collaborative scoring feature do not work on these, we have has also withdrawn support for Windows7 and Windows8 users (there is currently a free upgrade to Windows8.1 available here:

Useful Tip

For NV Play Cricket to operate on Macintosh devices, users will need to install Windows Parallels or, and especially if they wish to use video for live streaming and/or video analysis purposes, Boot Camp first.


Hardware Specifications

The required hardware specifications will depend on what NV Play Cricket features will be used, i.e. live scoring and outputting to a replay screen/scoreboard/pavilion TV will easily work on lower specification machines but video analysis and/or live streaming will require much higher specifications, but in general our recommendations are:

  • Quality brand, enterprise/corporate product line to ensure solid internals
  • No more than five (scoring) or three (video) years old
  • Windows10 Home, Professional, or Enterprise operating system (but not Windows10S)
  • Intel i7 CPU, 8th Generation or newer (but not the models ending in U or Y, which are designed for low power use, and H is best, for high performance), with 16Gb RAM
  • Intel HD Integrated Graphics (for video, to improve overall Windows performance and provide Hardware Acceleration for video capture and live streaming)
    • We recommend NVIDIA Graphics Cards for higher performance configurations, and it is important to confirm a specific NVIDIA device supports Video Encoding by searching this website, checking for green YES values: (eg, the NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Ti graphics card would be suitable, but the NVIDIA GeForce MX350 would not be suitable, for Video Encoding)
  • Full HD screen (1920 x 1080) preferred
  • Two USB3 and one HDMI ports minimum (for video input and replay screen/scoreboard/TV output)
  • SSD Drive, 512Gb minimum preferred (if recording and storing video)

Useful Tip

If you are unsure of your existing hardware’s specifications or their suitability for NV Play Cricket, please provide these recommended specifications to your supplier or IT support, and they will be able to advise.


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