Adding NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/Play Cricket Scorer Pro to your Anti Virus exclusions

If you are experiencing unusual issues with the performance of NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/Play Cricket Scorer Pro, eg live streaming overlays are not displaying on the live video/stream (if so, please also see, it could be because the installed Anti Virus is 'attacking' the software, or specific parts of it. 

Therefore, we recommend that the NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/Play Cricket Scorer Pro software is specifically added to your Anti Virus exclusions or made a trusted application. This will ensure that the software runs as smoothly as possible and is not 'attacked' by vigorous Anti Virus software such as WebRoot, McAfee, or Norton. 

NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/Play Cricket Scorer Pro has been widely tested with Windows Defender, Microsoft’s built in Anti-Virus protection. If your computer is running other Anti-Virus protection, this could affect NV Play PCS/PCS Pro (e.g., slow video or live streaming) without further configuration. The following folders are used as part of a standard NV Play PCS/PCS Pro install and may need to be added to the ‘Exclusion Folders’ for other Anti-Virus real-time protection being used.

The first step is to exclude the cricket.exe application itself from Anti-Virus real-time protection. If your Anti-Virus product does not allow selecting from the list of currently running applications, then the path to cricket.exe can be determined from the Properties of the shortcut used to launch the application or in Windows Task Manager by right clicking on NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/Play Cricket Scorer Pro and selecting ‘Open file location’


NB: If ‘Open file location’ is not enabled in Task Manager, ensure ‘More details’ is selected, then expand NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/Play Cricket Scorer Pro and try again on the same application listed below.




Folders which may need excluding from Anti-Virus real-time protection (including any sub folders):

C:\Program Files (x86)\NV Play\


NB: This includes the Desktop application if installed for All Users, local database and Media Components if installed


If the software is installed for ‘Current User’, the following folder should also be excluded from real-time protection:

%localappdata%\Programs\NV Play\


The following folders are also written to and should be excluded from real-time protection if problems persist:



< path to Documents folder >\Cricket Matches\

(or any custom Match Folder set in Tools > Configuration > General)


NB: For those users running McAfee Anti-Virus, we also recommend excluding this folder to ensure live streaming score overlays display:

C:\Program Files (x86)\NV Play\Media Components\x64 \youtube-dl.exe if you are running McAffee


NB: Please discuss any changes to security software with your IT Support. If any third-party Anti-Virus protection is disabled (such as McAfee, Norton Anti-Virus or Webroot), please ensure Windows Defender is running and up to date. We also recommend ensuring the latest Windows Updates are regularly installed.





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