Entering a Scorecard or Totals Only Match

This document explains the process for entering a scorecard or totals only match, for when live ball by ball scoring is or was not possible, but the scorecard/totals are required to keep team and player statistics, Match Centres, and Competition Centres (including Points Tables) up-to-date. This feature works on an innings-by-innings basis, so for example a match can have ball-by-ball scoring for the first innings but scorecard or totals only for the second innings, or vice versa. A scorecard or totals only match can be entered as Local Scorer first and then uploaded as Live Scorer, or entered as Live Scorer, but in this latter case users should be conscious of a ‘live’ Match Centre. Additionally, updates to a scorecard or totals only match can be saved as data is entered, rather than just at the end, and the data entry can even be closed and returned to later if required.

To enter a scorecard or totals only match, use either File -> Start Match from Fixture (most likely) or File -> New Match (less likely) to enter the Match Details/Teams as usual, then select Start as Live Scorer or Start as Local Scorer. Next, enter the Record Toss details, Create Innings, and then go to Scoring -> Scorecard/Totals Only Entry to open this dialog box:


NB: Alternatively, go straight to Scoring -> Scorecard/Totals Only Entry to trigger the Toss Details dialog first.

First, select the required Entry Type radio button:


  • Ball by Ball to revert to normal live or post-match ball-by-ball scoring
  • Scorecard Only (with FOW) if fall of wickets information is available
  • Scorecard Only (without FOW) if fall of wickets information is not available
  • Totals Only if scorecard information is not available and only basic runs/wickets/overs information is available

For the two Scorecard Only options, begin entering the scorecard data by single-clicking in the required cell to select the required information from the dropdowns or manually enter the required data, as follows:

Batting Innings


  • # to change the Batting Innings position of that Batter
  • Batter to select (or change) the Batter in that Batting Innings position
  • How Out to select the Dismissal Type for each Batter
  • Fielder to select the Fielder for each Dismissal (if applicable)
  • Bowler to select the Bowler for each Dismissal (if applicable)
  • R to enter the Runs for each Batter (mandatory, so the cell is red highlighted until data is entered)
  • B to enter the Balls for each Batter (not mandatory, so the cell is blue highlighted until data is entered)
  • M to enter the Minutes for each Batter (blue)
  • 0s to enter the Dot Balls for each Batter (blue)
  • 4s to enter the 4s for each Batter (blue)
  • 6s to enter the 6s for each Batter (blue)
  • Extras: type or click-up to enter the number of each type of extras in the innings


Fall Of Wickets


  • # to change the Fall Of Wickets position of that partnership
  • Batter Out to select (or change) the Batter dismissed at the fall of each wicket
  • Total to enter the innings total at the fall of each wicket (red)
  • Overs to enter the Overs.Balls at the fall of each wicket (blue)
  • Batter Not Out to select (or change) the Batter not dismissed at the fall of each wicket
  • Runs to enter the Not Out Batter’s score at the fall of each wicket (blue)

Bowling Analysis


  • # to change the Bowling Analysis position of that Bowler
  • Bowler to select (and change) the Bowler in that Bowling Analysis position
  • O to enter the number of Overs.Balls bowled by each Bowler (red)
  • M to enter the number of Maidens bowled by each Bowler (blue)
  • R to enter the number of Runs conceded by each Bowler (red)
  • W to enter the number of Wickets taken by each Bowler (red)
  • nb to enter the number of No Balls conceded by each Bowler (blue)
  • w to enter the number of Wides conceded by each Bowler (blue)



  • The Runs and Wickets boxes at bottom-right will automatically update as the Batting Innings data is entered
  • The Overs box will not update automatically, so it needs to be manually entered, probably after all other data
  • If either innings in a two-innings match is shortened, reduce the number of Max Overs accordingly, and if required the Revised Target value in the second innings (not shown above)
    • These adjustments are important to ensure that Net Run Rates and Match Results are calculated correctly for shortened matches
  • The Minutes box can be updated if this data is known, but if not left as N/A
  • Once all Scorecard data has been entered and these Totals boxes checked, select the Innings End Type from the dropdown and then click the >>End Innings button to confirm Innings 1 is completed:


NB: Only this Totals section will be active and needs to be completed if the Entry Type selected above is Totals Only. If required, use the Save Changes and/or Save and Close (to return to the data entry later) buttons to save this data as it is entered. A button is inactive if a cell is open and awaiting data to be selected/entered, or the Scorecard is in a match state that does not allow that action, e.g., Edit Match Result in Innings 1 above.

Click Continue to enter the second innings, and as above begin by selecting the required Entry Type radio button, including Ball by Ball if the match can revert to live or post-match ball-by-ball scoring. Repeat the above process to select/enter the required details for the second innings (including any reduction in the Max Overs and Revised Target value). Once this is complete, the Innings End Type should be auto-detected (e.g., Target Reached), and End Innings should again be used to confirm the type and then the Match Result.

NB: Using the Undo Innings button will return the dialog to the previous innings, but all data for the current innings will be lost, although there is an additional warning prompt to confirm the action before this occurs.

If the Scorecard/Totals Only data entry has been done as Local Scorer, select Live -> Upload as Live Scorer to upload the match to the server. This action will update the Match Centre and Competition Centre as if the match had been live scored during play.

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