Changing a Bowler's default Bowling Type when they use their alternative Bowling Type

NV Play Pro Cricket Scorer/Play-Cricket Scorer Pro now caters for those rare bowlers who can bowl with either arm, so that the correct Bowling Type is recorded against each delivery that they bowl. 

This feature needs to be enabled by ticking the Tools -> Configuration -> Scoring -> Show Bowling Type drop-down in Play Control checkbox:


A new dropdown list will display to the right of the current Bowler, which will default to their specified Bowling Type on the Player's record, e.g.:


The current Bowler's Bowling Type can thus be changed for each delivery they bowl in a different style to their specified type, by selecting this from the list, then changing it back when they revert to their normal Bowling Type. 

The Bowling Type for each ball is shown in a new Ball by Ball column, "Bwl Type", which will display the two-three letter code in grey when it is the defined Bowling Type and in black when it is explicitly set from the dropdown:


For Collaborative Scoring users, please note that Bowling Type has been added to the Collaborative Scoring Priorities list, so it can be attributed to a specific user as per other Priorities:



Professional/Collaborative users should also note:

  • When this feature is enabled, the Bowling Type on the ball is saved in the database. This means that, when enabled, the user needs to ensure they have the correct Bowling Type set in the dropdown
  • When a non-default Bowling Type is selected, e.g. changing from ROB to LOB, this new Bowling Type will remain on this Bowler until the user changes to another Bowling Type. This is consistent logic with Keeper Up/Back and Bowler Over/Around events
  • As the Bowling Type is now stored on the ball, any changes to the Player’s default Bowling Type will not update the Bowling Type on the ball. This allows for a Player changing Bowling Type over time
  • If this new feature is not enabled, then the existing behaviour continues where the Bowling Type from the Player record is assumed. As the Bowling Type has not been explicitly set on a ball, any changes to the Player’s Bowling Type details will update the current match and previous matches, which is also current behaviour
  • Select the blank space at the top of the dropdown to revert to a Bowler's default Bowling Type, so that this shows the Bowling Type in grey in the Ball by Ball -> Bwl Type column. For example, when an alternate Bowling Type has been selected by mistake, or a ball was not delivered using the alternate Bowling Type after the Bowler indicated they were about to do so
  • When a Bowler is changed during an over (or a match), e.g. if the incorrect Bowler was selected by mistake, and the user accepts to update this for the entire over, the Bowling Type will be updated to that of the new Bowler. This update is also done when replacing a Player for the entire match and they are not a Substitute / Concussion Substitute
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