Editing Match Result and Match Points

When the last innings of a match is completed the Match Result will be automatically calculated. The Match Points will also be automatically calculated IF the points system for the Competition that the just completed match (if it is not a playoff match) is assigned to has been setup. However, both automated calculations can be edited if required, but only in very unusual situations, by going to Scoring -> Edit Match Result/Points and opening this dialog:


To edit the Match Result, tick the Override Calculated Result checkbox and select from the below radio button and dropdown list options, which will update the Result Display field (or type directly into this field). However, if the automated Match Result is incorrect, then the reason why should be investigated and corrected first, rather than just simply overwriting. For example, if the automated Match Result is incorrect in a Duckworth-Lewis-Stern match, it could be because the Revised Overs breaks are wrong, resulting in an incorrect DLS Par Score/Revised Target, so correcting this first will correct the automated Match Result.

Similarly, to edit the Match Points, tick the Override checkbox and adjust the incorrect points options for one (or both) team(s) to update their overall Total. This function should probably only be used if Penalty points have been deducted at the end of a match, say for a slow overrate. If the just completed match should not be included in the Competition’s points table calculation, e.g. because it is in the wrong competition or is a quarter/semi/final match, then tick the Exclude from Points Table or Playoff Match to remove the points for both teams. Click Save to commit any changes to the Match Result and/or Match Points.

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