To end an over with less than the number of legal deliveries set in the Match Type, click the End Over/Umpire Signal icon next to the Play State dropdown arrow, select End Over, then Yes to the End Over prompt: 

mceclip0.png        mceclip1.png

To continue an over with more than the number of legal deliveries set in the Match Type, if Auto End Over is OFF, click No to this End Over prompt and continue scoring, then end the over as above after the last ball.  

If Auto End Over is ON, click the Undo Ball/Over/Action icon next to the Edit button, then Yes to the Unend Over prompt:

mceclip2.png          mceclip3.png

Alternatively, if the over has already been ended before the extra ball is bowled and it is accidentally scored in the next over, click Edit, right-click on it in the Ball by Ball panel, and select Move Ball to Previous Over

mceclip4.png       mceclip5.png

Click Yes to the Move Ball prompt, which will move it to the previous over and change the bowler to the bowler of that previous over, and if required open an Auto-Correct prompt to change the batsman. If the suggested changes are correct, click Auto-Correct and then Edit to commit the changes and exit Edit mode.



NV Play Cricket - Ending an Over Early


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