Creating, Editing, and Deleting Scorecard Notes

At NV Play, we understand that time can be very limited when scoring or coding a match, so we take some of the workload by automating the creation of some moments and breaks along the way, to allow more time to focus on the game!

This document explains the automatic and manual creation of the two types of notes that can be generated, Innings Notes and Milestone Notes, and how these can be viewed, edited or deleted. Use the View -> Scoring Entry -> Innings and Milestone Notes options to ensure they are displayed on the main layout, and for best results locate them in the same panel, with tabs at the bottom to switch between them:


Innings Notes are automatically created, and include relevant details such as the over and ball number, balls faced, minutes, the time and duration of a break, etc, whenever:

  • A batsman, partnership, or innings reaches 50, 100, 150 runs, etc
  • A bowler takes a hat-trick or double hat-trick, 5 or 10 wickets in an innings, or 10 wickets in a match
  • Penalty Runs are awarded to either team
  • Any session break, weather interruption, or temporary pause in play (e.g., Drinks) is entered
  • Any reduction in the number of overs or a revised target is set in a two-innings match
  • The Powerplay details, including the overs range, runs scored, and wickets lost
  • A player is replaced or substituted during a match, including for concussion
  • A nominated Captain or Wicketkeeper relinquishes their role to another player
  • Other innings related events, such as a New Ball, Start of Last Hour, or Ball Change

Innings Notes can also be manually created and added to this list when something other than the above occurs that is relevant to the innings, e.g. an explanation that a bowler was injured during an over and it was completed by another bowler, hence both have part overs in the innings. To do this, use Click to Add to open a free text box, type in the required text, and press Enter to save:


Please Note

Manual Innings Notes should not be used to record a player, team, or venue milestone, as these are Milestone Notes (see below).

Automatic or manual Innings Notes are ordered by the over and ball on which they occurred, which can only be changed by editing the event itself, which will automatically update the Innings Note. For example, if the automated Innings Note for a team 50 is showing one ball sooner than what it should be, because a dot ball was missed, insert that dot ball and the Innings Note will automatically update. The text of both types of Innings Notes can be edited by double-clicking on it to open it as a free text box, typing in the additional information, and clicking Enter to save. Innings Notes can also be hidden from the official notes that appear on Match Centres and printed or saved Scorecards or Scorebooks by right-clicking on it and selecting Hide from Official Notes. To re-include a hidden note, right-click on it and select Show in Official Notes:

mceclip2.png     mceclip3.png     mceclip4.png

If necessary, a manual Innings Note can be deleted, by right-clicking on it and selecting Delete, but an automatic one cannot. To do this, remove the event that generated the Innings Note, as per editing an event to re-order an Innings Note.

Milestone Notes can only be manually created, and should only be done so for significant player, team, or venue milestones – otherwise there is a risk these become overwhelmed by too many. For example, do not create a Milestone Note for a batsman’s new highest score if it is less than 50, as this is not that significant. Use Click to Add to type a Milestone Note into the free text box and press Enter to save:


If required, double-click on a Milestone Note to re-open it, update the text, and press Enter again to save.

Milestone Notes are numbered sequentially, but unlike Innings Notes these can be re-ordered manually, in case a milestone is missed at the time and would be out-of-sequence with other notes if it was simply added when this is realised. To do this, right-click on the Milestone Note and select Move Up or Move Down as required to move it to the correct position:

mceclip6.png     mceclip7.png     mceclip8.png

If necessary, right-click and select Delete to remove a Milestone Note. Currently, Milestone Notes will only appear on the Match Centre, but will be added to the printed and saved Scorecard and Scorebook views in due course.


Please also watch the following video demonstrating Innings and Milestone Notes:







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